Friday, August 12, 2011

Too much of a good thing...

Afternoon y’all! I hope everyone is well. I am doing OK. I went to New Orleans last weekend and had a great time but that in addition to the two pieces of cake I had at random this week has me up 3 pounds. I mean, I know WHY I gained but it still rubs me the wrong way that I can work my butt off 75% of the time and instead of even maintaining, I gain 3 flippin’ pounds?! Whatever.

I have my orientation next week that will help me before I start the class I’m teaching and they sent out a menu of the food they are providing which includes but is not limited to: pastries, snacks, barbecue, local diner food, pizza and sandwiches. Since I know that I won’t lose next week, I’m not going to weigh again until the 26th to give myself a week to try and get some of this extra poundage off. After that, I need to do better. I have a goal to reach by January 15th and I need to get in gear. Because of my orientation, I won’t be able to blog next week so my next blog won’t be until August 26th. So, on that day, I will have to report about my weight, my orientation, my first class teaching at the University of Alabama and many other things. I know you will miss me terribly.

This is a group shot from the girls trip to New Orleans. We all had an absolute blast! That place is one of my favorite cities. Sometimes, when I go to these places, it makes it feel like Tuscaloosa is so small. It feels nice to branch out every once in awhile. I would go to New Orleans anytime!

This isn’t really a set recipe but one of those things that I throw together that tastes yummy and takes less than 5 minutes to make. It’s just a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and barbecue sauce with a side salad. I use the pre-made chicken fajita strips and pre-cooked bacon that you can get from Oscar Meyer. I think 2 pieces is less than 40 calories and anytime you add bacon to a sandwich…it makes it feel more filling. I also love having an entire plate of food for 6 or 7 points. The more food the better!

This before and after is timely. The first one is of me in New Orleans a few years ago and the second is from this past weekend. The one from last weekend isn’t that great of a picture but it was the only full length one I found acceptable and I think it’s only fair to try and put full body pictures on here. I have got to remember these pictures when I have bad mornings on the scale. I need to get motivated!

If everyone could please send me good vibes and pray that I have wisdom and confidence as I embark on this teaching journey. I’m super nervous and this weekend I’m going to be preparing my syllabus and having to work at my regular job a bit to make up for lost time so I’m kind of stressed. I know it will all work out…if I could just get organized and get into a routine…I will feel much better.

I’m not doing much this weekend…I hope you have fun plans!

Talk to y’all in two weeks!


“There’s something, something about this place…” You and I-Lady Gaga

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  1. Congrats again on your class this semester! Hopefully this week has gone well and you're feeling better prepared.

    The meal this week looks super tasty!

    Great lyrics this week know I love it! :)


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