Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From Paula's Kitchen To My Belly...

Hi Y’ALL! I kind of had this feeling that I would LOVE Savannah and I was totally right. It’s a really cute little town and I would go back any time...plus...the word “y’all” is everywhere in that town and that is definitely my favorite “Southernism.” As promised, I posted some pictures (forgive me if you’ve already seen them on Facebook) below...

There is a river front in Savannah that has a gorgeous view...there were a ton of little shops...including a candy shop which made me very happy. I was able to get a caramel apple (as you can see) and homemade ice cream. I also brought people pralines. The shopping there is a lot of fun...they have souvenir shops but they also had a jewelry store and an awesome kitchen gadget store. We also went to Tybee Island which is pretty but there isn’t nearly as much in terms of shopping. I definitely preferred the scene in downtown Savannah. The trees in Savannah have Spanish Moss growing from them and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous so I took a lot of pictures of that. Our trip mostly entailed walking around shops on River Street and EATING. We ate at Lady & Sons of course and I have to say...it was AMAZING. I ate so much it almost made me sick. They give you a hoecakes, biscuits, salad, fried chicken, mac & cheese, gumbo, dessert...EVERYTHING. It was absolutely delicious. The next night, we ate at Uncle Bubba’s and I had shrimp and grits. It was ridiculous how much food I had. I’m glad I don’t have a bracelet or something that notifies Weight Watchers every time I exceed a certain caloric intake...I’d be in big trouble. Jordan and I also watched the Bama game on Saturday...we found an Applebee’s to watch it in...it nearly gave me a heart attack but somehow, we pulled it out for the win! That made the night even better...we play Florida Saturday...I hope the performance is much better.

I haven’t weighed of course...I’m giving myself the week to try and get at least a few pounds off before I see what the damage is. I have been great yesterday and today so I am officially back on track. I will definitely have to weigh Saturday to see how long it will take me to work off the fried chicken...but it was TOTALLY worth it! I don’t have too much else for today...I have been busy trying to catch up with everything...I will post about my weekly recipe on Friday.

I hope you have a great afternoon/week!


“Somethin' in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myself
Makes me wanna lose myself, in your arms
There's somethin' in your voice, makes my heart beat fast
Hope this feeling lasts, the rest of my life

If you knew how lonely my life has been
And how long I've been so alone
And if you knew how I wanted someone to come along
And change my life the way you've done

It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I'm all the way back where I come from
It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong

A window breaks, down a long, dark street
And a siren wails in the night
But I'm alright, 'cause I have you here with me
And I can almost see, through the dark there is light

Well, if you knew how much this moment means to me
And how long I've waited for your touch
And if you knew how happy you are making me
I never thought that I'd love anyone so much

It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I'm all the way the back where I come from
It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong
It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong.” Feels Like Home-Chantal Kreviazuk

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Headed to Savannah Y’all!

Well, it’s finally that time...Jordan and I are headed to Savannah this afternoon. We have been talking for a LONG time about going and now we are...I’m pretty excited...I’ve heard it was a town that I would really enjoy. It looks like it has historical vibes and cool places to see and go. If you don’t mind, keep us in your thoughts this weekend and hope that we have a safe trip there and back.

I have done a good job dieting the past few days but I know that will all go out the window this weekend. I am most excited about eating at Lady and Sons...

If you don’t know, that is Paula Deen’s restaurant and I am SO ready to get at that buffet. I am going to try not to make myself sick but I don’t want to worry about the diet this weekend. I have worked really hard and this will be my little break. I will be back on completely starting Monday morning so hopefully it won’t take me too long to work off all of the fried chicken. I think it is important to let yourself have times that you let loose and not let yourself feel guilty about it. The problem with NEVER cheating is that you beat yourself up if you take one extra bite of something and that is probably the number one reason people give up...they think they’ve screwed up forever and just throw it all away. The primary difference between my mindset now and my mindset while I was doing other diets is that I don’t have such a high threshold. I keep my expectations low and I know it’s a long process that will be worth it in the end AND I get to enjoy life a little in between. I don’t always feel like at any moment the dam could break and it will all come crashing down...if I gain a couple pounds, I know why and I know it’s time to step up the game...which will definitely be my plan starting Monday...I will probably go crazy when I get to that 100 pound mark and I’m not letting anything (not even Paula’s home cooking) stop me from experiencing that...so I always have that to look forward to. You may be thinking I’m rambling on and you may not even be concerned that my eating habits are going to be awful for 4 days...I guess I was mostly convincing myself...lol.

The Savannah trip is not the only major event going on this weekend...

Alabama will be playing Arkansas on Saturday and it looks like it is going to be our first major challenge of the season. I am hoping to find some place in Savannah playing the game, but if not, I have enlisted my brother and Cassandra to text me with constant updates. It should be a good game...I just hope it’s not too close. Alabama has seven tough SEC games in a row so we will know really soon if they are as good as they were last year. If you can keep a secret...I think we are better...I hope I am right.

Well, I think Jordan are guaranteed to eat wonderful food and have a really great time. It is also pretty much a guarantee that I will take lots of pictures that I will definitely share when I blog next week.


Dad-Be careful that you don’t get trapped in the pit that is the route to Fayetteville! Bye!

“Georgia, Georgia
The whole day through (the whole day through)
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind (Georgia on my mind)
I said a Georgia, Georgia
A song of you (a song of you)
Comes as sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines
Other arms reach out to me
Other eyes smile tenderly
Still in the peaceful dreams I see
The road leads back to you

I said Georgia, oh Georgia, no peace I find (no peace i find)
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind (Georgia on my mind ohh)
Other arms reach out to me
Other eyes smile tenderly
Still in peaceful dreams I see
The road leads back to you
Oh Georgia,
No peace, no peace I find
Just an old, sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind (Georgia on my mind)
Other arms reach out to me
Other eyes smile tenderly
Still in peaceful dreams I see
The road leads back to you

Oh Georgia, Georgia
No peace, no peace I find
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind (Georgia on my mind)
I said just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind.” Georgia On My Mind-Ray Charles

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Georgia On My Mind...

Hello! It feels like it has been a year since I blogged but it was only Friday. I guess that means time is creeping by...it probably is going slow because I’m excited...I get a long weekend in Savannah! It should be fun...Jordan and I are leaving Thursday afternoon!

When I weighed on Saturday, I was only up .8 which was pretty good considering I had a couple of rough days. I will wait to weigh until October 2nd to weigh again because I know that I will be bad in Savannah and that will give me 5 days to try and get down a little so maybe the damage won’t be that bad.

I had a nice weekend. I didn’t do too much on Saturday, just sort of relaxed and watched football (Bama destroyed Duke). Sunday, David, Jordan and I drove up to Chattanooga to visit with my family. My Grandma made lunch as she always does on Sundays and it was yummy! I also got to see my family and hang out with the newest addition, my cousin Mark’s baby Drew. He is SO cute and you can tell it’s been awhile since a baby was in the family because everyone gives him all kinds of attention. After we ate, we went to Kohl’s. Tuscaloosa doesn’t have a Kohl’s and I am starting to have less and less clothes that I can wear so I was able to get a couple pairs of pants. Thanks for a great afternoon Grandma, David and Jordan! It was fun. As soon as I got home, it was time for a lasagna dinner so I felt ridiculously full/sick after eating all of that food. It has actually felt good to be back to a normal eating pace the past couple of days.

So-here is the most recent recipe...

This was Eggplant Parmesan. It was actually delicious! I have gotten Eggplant Parmesan out before but I had never tried to make it myself. It was really easy to work with. With the Weight Watchers version, you just slice the eggplant, dredge it in egg whites and breadcrumbs (and some spices) and you bake the eggplant first and then you put it all together. I also made some pasta and garlic bread to go with it. Anytime you can get a filling and tasty pasta dish on a diet...it’s a good day. I would most definitely make this again.

I don’t have too much else to report. It has been an extremely busy week so far and I have a lot to do before I leave on my mini-cation on Thursday. I am pretty pumped about all the TV premiering this week but it always kind of stresses me out because I watch WAY too much and sometimes it’s hard to keep up...but you know what...if not having the time to watch all my shows is one of my biggest problems in life...I think that means I’m doing pretty good. I will probably blog on Thursday to talk more about Savannah and Football! Have a good night! Bye!

“Badger: In summation, I think you just got to not do it, man. That's all.
Mr. Fox: I understand what you're saying, and your comments are valuable, but I'm gonna ignore your advice.
Badger: The cuss you are.
Mr. Fox: The cuss am I? Are you cussing with me?
Badger: No, you cussing with me?
Mr. Fox: Don't cussing point at me!
Badger: If you're gonna cuss with somebody, you're not gonna cuss with me, you little cuss!
Mr. Fox: You're not gonna cuss with me!” Badger & Mr. Fox from the Fantastic Mr. Fox

“This is going to be a total cluster cuss for everybody.” Mr. Fox from the Fantastic Mr. Fox

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Dance.

Happy Weekend Everyone! I hope your week has gone swimmingly. I’ve had a pretty good one...it’s been busy but there isn’t anything too major to report since Tuesday. Alabama is playing Duke this weekend in North Carolina and I’m not going. It’s going to be nice to have a weekend with an away game to get a break from the crazy heat that is still hovering over Alabama. I plan on watching the game at my parents and Sunday, I am going to drive up to Chattanooga to have lunch at my Grandmother’s house and maybe do a little shopping. I am going to make sure to arrive back in time to have my mom’s lasagna though...she’s making it to celebrate my Oma’s birthday and I’m glad because it’s DELICIOUS.

So, have y’all heard of or tried Zumba (I think it's Latin dancing)?

I heard someone at work talking about it and then I heard somewhere else that it was lots of fun. I am not sure about buying videos anymore. I bought the pole/chair dancing videos and they were awful. Those types of things usually cost a lot of money. I think they may offer classes on it somewhere in town because I think I saw it on Facebook or something but I’m not sure where they would be. Anyone tried it and like it?

In college, we had access to a state of the art rec center and my roommate Cassandra and I used to go all the time. I miss all the classes they used to offer. There were some that were really hard...I remember not being able to move for a week after an ab class that only lasted 15 minutes. I also tried the Spin Class at the rec and honestly, that was the worst pain I’ve been in after a workout class...ever. It wasn’t just the endurance of the class that had an effect. I don’t know how people ride bikes. Let’s just say I walked like I had been riding a horse for five days. It was awful. We also took a kickboxing class that was WAY too intense. Right in the middle of a vigorous workout, the instructor yelled at us to run around the entire gym. Not only was it embarrassing, it was impossible for me to run after having basically boot camp for 30 minutes. Apparently a couple people had taken the class before and knew she was going to do that and snuck into the bathroom while we all ran. I make the classes sound bad but I really kind of miss the good ones. Cassandra and I loved the club/hip hop dance classes. We were awful at it but we stayed at the back and laughed at ourselves the whole time. They would make up a whole routine so they went over it dozens of times. When we would get home we would be so excited to show everyone but it never failed that after the first 8 count, both of us had forgotten the steps. It was still fun though and we were exercising. The rec is way too expensive if you aren’t a student there...I might need to look into PARA or something to see if they offer dance classes...might be something fun to do as an alternative to walking and the elliptical.

Anyway-it’s been a long day. I think I will probably go to bed early all weekend because I have to get up early Saturday and CRAZY early Sunday to get to Chattanooga in time for lunch. I don’t really have much else. I hope everyone has a great weekend and roll tide!

“I don't have to raise my voice
Don't have to be underhand
Just got to understand
That it's gonna be up and down
It's gonna be lost and found
And I can't take to the sky
Before I like it on the ground

And I need to be patient
And I need to be brave
Need to discover
How I need to behave
And I'll find out the answers
When I know what to ask
But I speak a different language
And everybody's talking too fast

Miniature disasters and minor catastrophes
Bring me to my knees
Well I must be my own master
Or a miniature disaster will be
It will be
I've got to run a little faster
Or a miniature disaster will be
It will be
I need to know I'll last if a little
Miniature disaster hits me
It will be the death of me.” Miniature Disasters-KT Tunstall

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breakfast For Dinner=Win!

Hello! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope it was nice. After my grand achievement of getting down 75 pounds on Wednesday, I went and mucked it up and ate like a champ over the weekend. I am back on track as of yesterday though. I didn’t weigh Saturday and won’t weigh until this Saturday to give my body a little recovery time. Hopefully there isn’t too much damage to recover from and if I’m lucky, maybe I will be right where I was Wednesday morning when I was celebrating the 75 pound mark...we’ll see...it may take a few extra days of work. In an effort to shake my memory of all of the bad food I ate, I will discuss recipe night...

I made Tex-Mex Breakfast Burritos. I put one that was wrapped and the other open so you could see it in the picture. These were delicious! I love breakfast for dinner...always have...my mom and dad would make pancakes or omelets sometimes for dinner and I always loved that. It’s basically just eggs that have hot sauce mixed in and you put them on a wheat tortilla with salsa and cheese. I also made some turkey bacon to go with it (crisp like I like it). I would say that the best thing about this recipe was that it is by far the quickest one that I’ve ever made. I think it literally took me 15 minutes total from the time I started to the time I was sitting down to eat it. It was definitely one of those I could pull out any night for a quick dinner.

I want to give a quick shout out to my Oma...

In the picture, you will see the purple keyboard wrist rest and the mouse pad that has a memory foam wrist rest. She knew I was having issues with Carpel Tunnel and that I needed a more ergonomic workstation so she hooked me up with this awesome stuff! Thanks Oma! They are working like a charm...very comfortable AND extremely helpful!

So, this weekend was the Alabama-Penn State Game...it was the game that ESPN did for Gameday so there was all kinds of ESPN stuff around. I took a few pics of the game and campus...

Alabama totally dominated the game so it was a fun experience...plus...we got to see Joe Paterno and that was pretty cool. As you may be able to tell by the picture of me and my dad...it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT outside. It was humid as all get out and the few minutes of rain only added a sticky element to the already miserable heat. I was sweating so bad that my dad could see the makeup just running down my face. It was awful. I think it was my fault though because last week I was saying how the first game wasn’t that hot and since the Penn State game was at night I thought it wouldn’t be that bad...I thought we might not have any miserably hot games but I was VERY wrong...yuck. It was still a really fun game to go to though!

As far as Sunday goes, there isn’t much to report. I started working on my Halloween costume that I am making for work which is sort of top secret so I’m not tellin’...I also watched the season finales of True Blood and Entourage which were both kind of a letdown. I am going to really miss True Blood though...it’s good that all the fall shows are about to start coming on again.

I think that’s it. Like I said, I was really good yesterday and I have no plans of being really bad again until I go to Savannah the weekend after next. I will have to work really hard so the impact won’t be that bad.

I hope everyone has a great week!


“You said you went out to a bar
and walked some lady to her car
but your face has more to tell
cuz my cousin saw you on the street
with a red head named Bernice
Turns out you don´t lie too well

Hey white liar
The truth comes out a little at a time
and it spreads just like a fire
slips off of your tongue like turpentine
and I don´t know why
white liar

Here´s a bombshell just for you
turns out I´ve been lying too

Yeah I´m a white liar
The truth comes out a little at a time
and it spreads just like a fire
slips off of my tongue like turpentine
and I don´t know why
White Liar.” White Liar-Miranda Lambert

Friday, September 10, 2010

Finally Made It To 75!

Well, hello everyone! It’s Friday! So-you may or not remember the deal I made with myself earlier this week. If I made it to my 75 pound weight loss goal by Wednesday morning, then I would allow myself to cheat at work on Wednesday and Thursday. Well, guess what? As of Wednesday morning, I was down 75 pounds!!! I was so surprised and happy. I swear I think some higher power thought I deserved a couple of cheat moments because I didn’t think I was going to make it. Because of this, I got to eat all the good, bad food and it was delicious and it certainly made for more fun. Yesterday, we had a team building even that had karaoke and if I couldn’t have eaten any food, it wouldn’t have been near as enjoyable. That’s the sad part I think...that I equate food with fun but that’s how I’ve always been. The more important factor to all of this is that I’m right back on the plan today. I am going full steam ahead again being flawless M-F and my normal one-cheat-meal routine Saturday and Sunday. Other than that, the only cheat I have planned will be not this weekend but the next when Jordan and I go to Savannah...after that...I don’t have cheat plans until November so hopefully, I can get to 85 by the end of the year...maybe even more but the holidays never make it easy.

I posted a new picture in the top right hand corner. It wasn’t my favorite picture but it will certainly do. I also posted all of my before and after pictures on the right side of the blog under the archives if you are interested in seeing them...there are some days when I still feel really large (trust me, I’m aware I’m not near the finish line quite yet) and I don’t feel like I look any different but then I pull up these pictures and I know I’ve accomplished a lot. Sometimes, I think I talk about it too much and I know that it gets annoying to hear me obsess over it and I don’t want to be THAT girl because I’m not judging, I’m honestly just proud of myself...I’ve worked really hard and I have a system that works for me...I am getting there slowly but surely and I’m OK with that.

This weekend should be busy and fun...Jordan is coming to Tuscaloosa tonight to go to a concert with his Dad and then we get to hang out a little and he’s going to spend the night so that will be nice. Tomorrow, I will be busy with football most of the day. I am VERY excited about the game tomorrow because Alabama is playing Penn State in a vintage-like game and hopefully I will be able to get a couple decent pics of the legendary Joe Paterno. It should be a great game...I just hope it’s not too close and that we win comfortably. ESPN Game Day is here for the game so traffic around these parts is awful but there is an exciting buzz in the air. I am so happy to be going to this game!

Other than that, I don’t have too many plans. As usual, I plan to try and relax a little and have fun. I won’t be weighing this weekend because of the cheating the past two days but I will be ready and willing to weigh next Saturday (hopefully with only a slight gain or a loss). I hope your weekend is wonderful!!!

Roll Tide!

“I never meant to be the one to let you down
If anything, I thought I saw myself going first
I didn't know how to stick around
How to see anybody but me be getting hurt

I keep remembering the summer night
And the conversation breaking up the mood
I didn't want to tell you you were right
Like the season changing, oh, I felt it too

Does anybody know how to hold my heart
How to hold my heart?
'Cause I don't want to let go, let go, let go too soon

I want to tell you so before the sun goes dark
How to hold my heart
'Cause I don't want to let go, let go, let go of you.” Hold My Heart-Sara Bareilles

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Football is BACK Y'all!

Hello All! I hope everyone had a fun & relaxing Labor Day!!! My weekend was nice...I rested a little and ate some good food and of course, I enjoyed the Alabama football game...

It was so nice to be watching Alabama play again...it was also nice to start the year off winning 48-3. Next week will definitely be more of a challenge because we are playing Penn State...I am even more pumped about that game. It was also cool because it was a night game so it wasn’t too hot. I have been at some pretty hot games before but luckily both of our first home games are at 6 and then we are away for the next two weeks so I bet we won’t have a really hot game...and that is DEFINITELY a plus. If you’ve never been to a middle of the day, Alabama game in September, consider yourself lucky because they are MISERABLE.

Anyway-I didn’t do too terribly bad with food...I didn’t go out of the scope that I outlined for myself so that’s always good. When I weighed Saturday morning, I was only down a pound which still means I have 1.2 left before I get to 75. It is going to be a very tough week. We have a lot of work functions going on as I mentioned last week. The festivities started today at lunch when everyone went to Mellow Mushroom...I did OK...I had a piece of cheese pizza and a salad and didn’t eat everything...I just hate feeling out of control and not knowing exactly what things are...there is also a dinner planned tonight, birthday celebrations tomorrow and a team building event on Thursday afternoon that will include cake and fried food. According to the rules I laid out last week, I can’t participate in anything unless I’m down 75 so we will see how it goes...I will weigh in the morning...I will be a little loose the next couple of days but I really have no room for cheating on my agenda...we will just have to see...I am way too motivated at this point to screw up too bad but it still sucks not to participate...I will work out some sort of compromise in my head.

I sort of cheated and made the recipe for the blog last week since I knew I probably wouldn’t have time last night...

It was a potato & bacon pie. I know it sounds odd but really it tasted like mashed potatoes with bacon added. It was great. It made 8 servings at only 3 points per serving. It was filling and also made several leftovers. I would make it again but I would probably choose to make it as a side dish rather than the main meal because it doesn’t provide much diversity on the plate. It was quite tasty though.

I am very excited to announce the “Kaleidoscope Heart,” is out today...

This is the new album from Sara Bareilles...I’ve already listened a few times...I LOVE her! So, what I’m trying to say is that you should rush out and get it and if you don’t like her...well...poo on you.

I think that was it for today...wish me luck with the food challenges I’m facing this week...I’m sure I will have a report at the end of the week!

Have a good one! Bye!

“Hello you long shots
You dark horse runners
Hairbrush singers, dashboard drummers
Hello you wild magnolias
Just waiting to bloom

There's a little bit of all that inside of me and you
Thank God even crazy dreams come true

I stood at the bottom of some walls I thought I couldn't climb
I felt like Cinderella at the ball just running out of time
So I know how it feels to be afraid
Think that it's all gonna slip away
Hold on, hold on

Here's to you free souls, you firefly chasers
Tree climbers, porch swingers, air guitar players
Here's to you fearless dancers, shaking walls in your bedrooms

There's a lot of wonder left inside of me and you
Thank God even crazy dreams come true

Never let a bad day be enough
To go and talk you in to giving up
Sometimes everybody feels like you
Oh, feels like you, just like you.” Crazy Dreams-Carrie Underwood

Friday, September 3, 2010


I am SO excited about the 3 DAY WEEKEND!!! WOOHOO!!! I hope everyone has a fun filled labor day and I hope that none of you have to work on Monday! I think everyone deserves a 3 day weekend once in awhile...if you don’t get to enjoy the 3 day weekend, I’m sorry! I don’t really have anything to say that will make it better. I plan on doing NOTHING on Monday and I am very pleased about that. I am going to watch as much TV as I possibly can. So, next week we are having a birthday party at work on Wednesday and then a team building event on Thursday. I have to be at both and there will be ridiculously fattening foods both days. It’s been awhile since I participated in any of the food events at work so I don’t want to be a party pooper. On the other hand, I don’t want to cheat because I am going to Savannah at the end of the month and I KNOW there will be some weight gain on that weekend. I am also VERY close to 75 pounds down and I am super excited about that goal because it means I can change my picture on here AND I mean...75 pounds...that’s quite an accomplishment. As of last Saturday, I was down 72.8. I’m not great at math but I think that means I have 2.2 pounds to go. I have been good all week so that should help. I have worked out a compromise with myself. I will weigh tomorrow and see where I’m at. I’m sure I will still have a little ways to go. I will weigh Wednesday morning and if I’m at 75, I will treat myself a little on Wednesday and Thursday...if I’m not down 75 Wednesday, then I won’t eat all the good food and I will try again Thursday morning and if I’m down 75, I will eat Thursday and if not, I will be good. I think that’s a good compromise. I just don’t want to screw anything up...I’ve got great momentum and the holidays are closer than you think and that always screws things up.

There is also another diet buster going down the next few months but it is one that I am VERY excited about!

That’s right! Football season is finally here and Alabama kicks off tomorrow against San Jose State! You know, my Dad raised me as an Alabama fan so I’ve always loved going to and watching games...it’s always been something me and my Dad could do together. When I was in high school and college though, I was on the debate team so I was gone a lot of Saturdays AND Alabama had some rough patches during those years with probations and bad coaching. We stayed true fans and it still broke our hearts to lose but I have to be honest...winning every game...is pretty awesome. I’ve always been a fan but there is nothing quite like the feeling of being number 1 so it made the last two years (minus the 2008 season SEC Championship and Sugar Bowl incidents I won’t discuss here) really, really fun. It was especially awesome to actually be there when Bama won their 13th national title. I’m not sure, but I think we will definitely be in the running again this year so it should be a very exciting season.

Other than the awesome weekend I have in the works, I don’t have too much else going on. I am going to try and be as good as possible on game days even though it is NOT easy. I am very familiar with all of the food challenges that happen in the fall so I expect the weight loss to slow but NOT falter...I will need lots of support...lol...it’s kind of sad.

Ok-I think that’s all for the day. I had dinner with my friend Stacey last night and then I went home and watched my Netflix movie which was Passion of the Christ. I had never seen it before (I know, I’m always several years late on movies). I have to say, it was a little heavy for a Thursday night. I knew it was going to be bad but I didn’t know that it would be THAT bad. I did what I like to refer to as the “Green Mile” cry. That type of cry originated with the movie The Green Mile (obviously)...it’s that heaving, snotty cry. It sort of just hit me like a ton of bricks. I think my main take away from the movie that was no matter what your religious beliefs are, according to what is written (take it however you wish), Jesus was a person who wanted people to love others, even their enemies and he was beaten and murdered without a trial. So, I think my main feeling was that as humans, we should all implement those ideals (of love and peace that he spoke) into our own lives the best we can. I know it’s hard...I have not done well and it hasn’t even been 24 hours but I think a little effort goes a long way!

I know that I’ve said I’m done like 3 times and that was a TOTAL shift in topic but I really am finished now. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Roll Tide!

“Like two sparrows in a hurricane
Trying to find their way
With a head full of dreams
And faith that can move anything
They've heard it's all uphill
But all they know is how they feel
The world says they'll never make it, love says they will.” Two Sparrows in a Hurricane-Tanya Tucker