Monday, November 25, 2013

Simple As It Should Be

Hi everyone! Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope you all get the opportunity to rest this weekend and spend time with your families.  I was sick last week (which is why I didn’t post) and I’ve been so busy that I am more than excited for a four day weekend.  I will have to grade some and continue to exercise but there will be no working, no teaching and no tutoring for four whole days and that is most definitely something to be thankful for.  I was sick for over a week and it still feels like there are some germs hiding in my sinuses and I think I’m having problems getting rid of it because I rarely rest.  Well, that’s all going to change soon!  In other news, I managed to lose about 3 pounds in the past two weeks (even after going crazy for Halloween and the LSU game).  This is perfect timing because I am sure that I will gain all of it and more on Thanksgiving day.  I have seen several dieting sites recommending recipes and ideas on Thanksgiving.  I’m probably a bad influence because I am a hardcore believer in enjoying your holidays.  I have never held back on Thanksgiving and Christmas, even the past few years when I’ve been on Weight Watchers.  I always bounce back the next day or week (for leftovers).  I think it’s worth it to have to shape up and lose the holiday weight in order to enjoy your company and the food that is around.  If you aren’t the type of person that has the ability to do that though, you may consider more healthy alternatives when you are at the Thanksgiving table.  Meanwhile, I’ll be trying not to eat an entire apple pie.

So, I don’t have a recipe to share but I wanted to show you something I tried this week.  Green Giant makes this series of “Just for One” vegetables.  First of all, I get it Green Giant.   I’m the only one eating the broccoli.  There’s no need to call me out in the freezer section because I’m unmarried.  I just think they should consider changing the name so 29 year olds don’t get a complex just from trying to eat a serving of food.  Anyway, I digress.  I don’t eat enough vegetables and honestly, it’s not like this has many nutrients but it is nice to pull out one small pack for a side and not have to worry about making a whole pack of frozen broccoli or some other veggie.  There are other combinations out there but this one kind of put me in the Thanksgiving mood…preparing for my mother’s amazing broccoli cheese casserole.

I had decided I wasn’t going to share anymore images of record breaking from my Nike app but I kind of thought this one was funny and I posted it anyway.  I had no idea that Nike would track a 1K but apparently I ran .62 miles in a faster speed than I’ve ever done before.  I thought it was interesting.  There is no record breaking going on right now.  I have been running on the treadmill the past couple of weeks because I hate the cold weather and for some reason, I run much slower on the treadmill than I do outside.  You would think that wouldn’t be the case but it is.

I also decided to share a picture of my Dad and brother with my parent’s dog.  She’s so BIG! It’s crazy.

The Iron Bowl is this weekend, y’all and the media is having a field day.  It’s a big game because not only does it determine who goes to the SEC championship game but if we lose, it means our hopes for yet another national title game are dashed.  If Bama plays like they should, they will win so I hope that’s what happens.

That’s all!

Enjoy Thanksgiving and ROLL TIDE!


“Cause time will go
And we may be
Far apart I know
But as far as I can see
This is so good
There’s no need for change
It’s alright with me
It’s as simple as it should be
Simple as it should be…” Simple As It Should Be-Tristan Prettyman

Monday, November 11, 2013

All Too Well

Happy Veterans Day, Y’all! A great big thank you to all the men and women (including my dad) who have served in the Armed Forces!  So, after Halloween and Alabama’s big LSU weekend, I am up a couple pounds.  I am not surprised by this at all.  I have had way too much fun the past couple of weeks.  My immediate goal is to get the last couple pounds off and then lose 1 or 2 more before Thanksgiving so I can essentially gain it all over again with my mother’s cooking.  It’s a vicious cycle.

So, I think I mentioned the new mashed potatoes that I love right now in a previous post.  Well, last week I decided to use them to make a new creation.  I mixed the mashed potatoes with the French Onion Dip Greek Yogurt, sliced turkey, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper.  I formed them into balls and cooked them in the skillet with Pam.  My mom makes delicious potato cakes so obviously, these weren’t quite as decadent but they had good flavor and it was a new spin on the same old mashed potatoes.  The best part is that those potatoes go a long way in your belly.  I always appreciate a filling food.

Hopefully you all saw Alabama dominate LSU on Saturday.  It was one of the most fun games I’ve been to at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  The fans were completely in it and we played great.  We have a couple of weeks that shouldn’t be difficult and then we play Auburn.  If we can squeeze past them, I like our chances of being in the big game again…but I’m trying not to put the cart before the horse.

I took a couple pics of my parent’s dog, Greyson.  She is huge and still think she’s a lap dog but she is pretty cute. I hope you all have a great day and week!

“I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it…” All Too Well-Taylor Swift

Monday, November 4, 2013

Can't Fall Down

I’ll be honest, last week wasn’t a great week for me because of Halloween.  I didn’t weigh and I’m just hoping that the damage isn’t too bad when I weigh this weekend.  I went a little overboard.  I’m back on today so I’m starving of course.  I plan on being perfect until Thanksgiving.  So, hopefully I can do that.  It’s OK to stumble as long as we get back up.  It’s just nowadays, it takes me a bit more time to get back up.  I feel all old and decrepit sometimes.  I’ll get there.

Before my Halloween debacle, I was able to run my fastest mile on my Nike app on Wednesday.  I know it’s not fast to a lot of people but for me, that isn’t bad.  I love the Nike app because it tells you every time you break a record.  The GPS could be better on it but overall, it’s a pretty cool feature.  I recommend to anyone who runs/walks regularly.  You can connect with Facebook friends on it as well and create competitions and goals.

My mom made me a wreath for football season and I think it’s adorable so I shared a picture.  Below, I pasted some Halloween pics/videos.  It’s my favorite holiday and I had a great time this year.  Also, I was lazy and didn’t prepare anything or have much in the way of tips or suggestions so you get to look at Halloween pictures!    

I’ll try to do better next week.

Bama plays LSU so give out good Roll Tide vibes!


“I’m at the point of almost breaking now
I’ve knocked on every door in this cold town
The higher you go the harder you fall
If I wanna be safe then I just stay small
Wanna grow to the sky where it’s beautiful
But I can’t see that from the forest floor

How can I hold it together
When nothing I try makes it better
I just wanna lay here forever
Cus if I don’t get up, then I can’t fall down…” Can’t Fall Down-Natasha Bedingfield