Monday, November 11, 2013

All Too Well

Happy Veterans Day, Y’all! A great big thank you to all the men and women (including my dad) who have served in the Armed Forces!  So, after Halloween and Alabama’s big LSU weekend, I am up a couple pounds.  I am not surprised by this at all.  I have had way too much fun the past couple of weeks.  My immediate goal is to get the last couple pounds off and then lose 1 or 2 more before Thanksgiving so I can essentially gain it all over again with my mother’s cooking.  It’s a vicious cycle.

So, I think I mentioned the new mashed potatoes that I love right now in a previous post.  Well, last week I decided to use them to make a new creation.  I mixed the mashed potatoes with the French Onion Dip Greek Yogurt, sliced turkey, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper.  I formed them into balls and cooked them in the skillet with Pam.  My mom makes delicious potato cakes so obviously, these weren’t quite as decadent but they had good flavor and it was a new spin on the same old mashed potatoes.  The best part is that those potatoes go a long way in your belly.  I always appreciate a filling food.

Hopefully you all saw Alabama dominate LSU on Saturday.  It was one of the most fun games I’ve been to at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  The fans were completely in it and we played great.  We have a couple of weeks that shouldn’t be difficult and then we play Auburn.  If we can squeeze past them, I like our chances of being in the big game again…but I’m trying not to put the cart before the horse.

I took a couple pics of my parent’s dog, Greyson.  She is huge and still think she’s a lap dog but she is pretty cute. I hope you all have a great day and week!

“I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it…” All Too Well-Taylor Swift

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