Monday, November 4, 2013

Can't Fall Down

I’ll be honest, last week wasn’t a great week for me because of Halloween.  I didn’t weigh and I’m just hoping that the damage isn’t too bad when I weigh this weekend.  I went a little overboard.  I’m back on today so I’m starving of course.  I plan on being perfect until Thanksgiving.  So, hopefully I can do that.  It’s OK to stumble as long as we get back up.  It’s just nowadays, it takes me a bit more time to get back up.  I feel all old and decrepit sometimes.  I’ll get there.

Before my Halloween debacle, I was able to run my fastest mile on my Nike app on Wednesday.  I know it’s not fast to a lot of people but for me, that isn’t bad.  I love the Nike app because it tells you every time you break a record.  The GPS could be better on it but overall, it’s a pretty cool feature.  I recommend to anyone who runs/walks regularly.  You can connect with Facebook friends on it as well and create competitions and goals.

My mom made me a wreath for football season and I think it’s adorable so I shared a picture.  Below, I pasted some Halloween pics/videos.  It’s my favorite holiday and I had a great time this year.  Also, I was lazy and didn’t prepare anything or have much in the way of tips or suggestions so you get to look at Halloween pictures!    

I’ll try to do better next week.

Bama plays LSU so give out good Roll Tide vibes!


“I’m at the point of almost breaking now
I’ve knocked on every door in this cold town
The higher you go the harder you fall
If I wanna be safe then I just stay small
Wanna grow to the sky where it’s beautiful
But I can’t see that from the forest floor

How can I hold it together
When nothing I try makes it better
I just wanna lay here forever
Cus if I don’t get up, then I can’t fall down…” Can’t Fall Down-Natasha Bedingfield 


  1. Check you out with your record time!! That is amazing! Congrats!!!

    As usual, you rocked Halloween! Your costumes were great!

  2. Thanks. I'm definitely making my costumes next year. I don't like this store bought crap.


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