Monday, September 30, 2013

Point Taken

I’d like to start by wishing my mother an early Happy Birthday! Her birthday is tomorrow and we are celebrating on Sunday.  Congrats on another year, Mom! Love you!

So, sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday it occurred to me that the things I’ve been trying lately haven’t led to any results.  At some point last week, I decided that the only thing that has ever truly worked for me consistently is Weight Watchers.  When I started my weight loss journey, I started with Weight Watchers.  Over the past year or so, I got burned out on counting points and I’ve tried other things but nothing keeps the weight off.  On Thursday, I signed up again.  My first weigh in was Thursday.  I knew it would be high because I had already eaten breakfast and lunch and I had quite a weekend before that.  I decided my weigh in day would be Saturday so I did Weight Watchers perfectly Thursday and Friday and when I weighed Saturday morning, I was already down four pounds.  I know some of that had to do with a morning weigh in, the clothes I was wearing and a couple other factors but it felt good to see the scale going in the right direction.  I let myself enjoy gameday on Saturday.  I got all the junk food I like out of the way.  So, I may not see much of a loss this Saturday but it feels right to be counting points again.  I need to beat this plateau.  Weight Watchers had my first goal at 10.2 pounds and I have 5.6 pounds left to go before I get there.  I’m hoping to lose around 20 pounds by the end of the year so I’m being as strict as possible from now on.  As you know, it’s a constant battle. 

I wanted to share a popsicle that I found.  There’s a new place in town called Steel City Pops.  They sell gourmet popsicles and they are delicious.  I’m particularly fond of the peanut butter one.  Unfortunately, these frozen treats are around 250 calories so they aren’t something that I can run and get all the time.  This popsicle, while not as good as the creamy peanut butter, is pretty tasty and is only 60 calories.  Of course, if you aren’t into coconut or pineapple, you may want to consider another flavor.

I have definitely shown the above snack before but since it’s football season, I thought I’d show you my lower calorie/fat version of barbecue nachos.  If you’re from the south, you should be aware of barbecue nachos, a snack that has taken over at sporting events.  There are different versions but essentially, you take tortilla chips and top them with pulled pork, barbecue sauce and nacho cheese.  They are delicious but absolutely awful for you.  It is possible, however, to make a much healthier (and almost as tasty) version of these at home.  I made them with baked tortilla chips, pre-packaged barbecue and white queso you can find in a jar.  It’s important to keep within in one serving size but this is one of very few snacks that actually makes for a decent substitution.

In addition to my mom’s birthday, my brother’s girlfriend, Lisa also celebrated last week.  She turned 21 and I wanted to share the adorable cake my mom made for her with all of you.  It was all rainbow-y and yummy!

I went to my first Bama game of the season on Saturday.  We played Ole Miss and won.  Roll Tide! Football season is my absolute favorite time of the year.

I saw Grace Potter and the Nocturnals for the fifth time Wednesday night and she was amazing as usual.  I included some links to some Youtube videos I made while I was there.

My parent’s dog Greyson ate an entire stick of butter yesterday so she was feeling a little under the weather and was pretty annoyed that I was in her face.  I would highly recommend never eating an entire stick of butter.

See y’all next time!


“Let me be your ruler (ruler)
You can call me queen bee
And baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule
Let me live that fantasy.” Royals-Lorde 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Breakin' At The Cracks

Hello everyone.  Sorry there was no post last week.  I am completely swamped with work and school.  This post will be mostly a recap of the things that have happened in the past couple weeks.  I won’t weigh officially until October 1st but I had to weigh for an insurance screening at work and I was up several pounds.  I’m exercising like crazy.  I’ve got an A+ 100% average as far as exercise goes and I have had that average for a long time now.  As I’ve stated before, my problem is food.  Since Monday, the 9th, I’ve been at about a D average as far as calorie intake.  That’s terrible.  I have to do better than that.  I’m so tired and frustrated all of the time and I’m turning to food on the weekends.  I am doing well today and I’ll face many challenges this week/weekend.  The biggest challenge will be my first football game on Saturday.  What’s frustrating is the rate at which I can gain weight.  It’s just ridiculous.  I honestly feel a bit overwhelmed with stress and the added frustration of gaining weight is a bit much for me to handle right now.  I’m trying to maintain a balance.  I feel like I will struggle for this for a while so that’s what I’m dealing with.  It’s tough, y’all.  I won’t lie.  I’m not giving up though.

I don’t have a recipe this week but I wanted to share some photographs that I’ve been taking while on my morning runs in the cemetery near my apartment.  I don’t get a whole lot of time to myself.  That’s fine because that’s the life I choose.  I like to stay busy.  However, it’s important to have some alone time to gather your thoughts and take a deep breath.   I have been immensely enjoying my runs in the mornings because the weather is cool, the sunrise is stunning and I can clear my  head.  It’s not easy to force myself to get up but once I do, it’s meditative and almost spiritual and I desperately need this.  I encourage all of you to take time for yourselves without anyone there or anything that can cause a distraction.

I’ve been going and going for a few weeks with little indication that I will slow down any time soon.  The above picture/link is to the Mumford & Sons concert I went to in Birmingham.  They were awesome.

I was also able to see Fun in Tuscaloosa last week.  They were also great.

Lastly, my brother, Cassandra and I went to Atlanta for Music Midtown.  We got to see Journey, the Red Hot Chlii Peppers, Imagine Dragons and others.  It rained for hours on Saturday so it was a muddy mess.  It was quite an experience.  There were some miserable moments but for the most part, it was fun and I’m glad I got to spend the weekend with my brother.

I also hung out at my friend’s brewery.  It’s a place called Druid City Brewing Company and if you’re ever in Tuscaloosa and you like beer, please consider stopping by.

Lastly, my parent’s dog, Greyson likes to pretend she’s a lap dog. Clearly, she is not.

That’s all folks.

Pray that I can get my act together!

Roll Tide!


“And I never thought that I’d be in these places on this day
And now I don’t know how much more that I can take

I’m breaking at the cracks
And everything goes black
It’s another heart attack
And I can’t handle that…” Breakin’ At The Cracks – Colbie Caillat

Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm Overwhelmed...

Hi y’all. It’s been awhile.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day.  I’ve had an incredibly busy few weeks.  I have three jobs now that school is back in so I haven’t stopped working for more than a few hours at a time.  I’ve also occupied my time with fun things.  I’ve been to Chattanooga, the beach and I’ve hung out with friends and family.  I am overwhelmed.  I’m overwhelmed in different ways.  I’m tired because of all of the work and traveling but I’m also overwhelmed with all of the positive things I have in my life.  I’ve been so incredibly frustrated by my inability to lose weight lately.  I’m tired mentally and physically which inevitably means I eat more but it’s so frustrating when I’m well-behaved most of the time and exercise at least 6 days a week.  I asked my doctor today.  I have hypothyroidism.  I’ve had it for years, actually. I know that people blame their thyroid for being overweight all the time.  I’m not one of those people.  I managed to lose over 100 pounds with an inactive thyroid.  However, the doctor told me today that my thyroid does “absolutely nothing.”  He is kind of baffled by the fact that my medicine is at a very high level and nothing has ever changed in my blood work.  He said that is contributing to the difficulty I’m having.  He also said that it would only get harder as time goes on.  He basically tried to say I’m getting old and it’s not going to get better.  I’m going to suck it up (even though I know I just whined here) and press forward.  I’m going to concentrate less on the number on the scale.  I’ve decided to weigh once a month and see how that goes.  I get extremely hung up on numbers.  I’m also going to stick more closely to the plan that I have, especially on the weekends.  Lastly, I need to go to bed earlier.  I’m not getting nearly enough sleep.   I operate most efficiently when my life is completely structured.  Every minute of my day needs to be planned and have a purpose.  That’s just how I function and this year I’ve struggled to maintain that.  It’s a daily battle, y’all.  Don’t give up.  I’m not going to. 

I participated in another Color Run on Saturday with Cassandra and some coworkers.  It was fun time as usual.  I didn’t really measure the time because it was a fun run and when I run I have to focus in order to maintain a pace for a long time.  It’s hard to do that when you are running with other people.  That’s totally fine, though.  It was worth it to have fun with other people.  I am actually training for a 10K now.  I downloaded an app and I’m on week 9 of a 14 week program that ends in (hopefully) having the ability to run a 10K without stopping which is about 6.2 miles.  I run 3 days a week.  I never thought I’d be able to do it.  I know that some people aren’t able to run due to physical impairments but if you are healthy and have strong legs, I’d give running a try.  If I can do it, you can.  I would highly recommend the Couch to 5K app.  It starts slowly and then progresses.  I went from never running and now I can run for 40-45 minutes without stopping.  I run at turtle speed but I listen to music, clear my mind and get a good workout in the process.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s still exercise and I could listen to music lying in my bed but in terms of exercise, it’s currently my favorite thing.

As I said, I’ve been coming and going constantly the past few weeks and the pictures above hit the highlights.  I saw Backstreet Boys, went to the beach with Nish and had yummy food and I also included a picture of an example of the beautiful sunrises I’ve been seeing when I get up to run in the mornings.  AND...I'm going to see Mumford & Sons tonight. Life is hard but life is good.

Alabama has a rematch with Texas A&M on Saturday so…


Until next time…

“I can’t sleep tonight
Wide awake and so confused
Everything’s in line
But I am bruised
I need a voice to echo
I need a light to take me home
I kinda need a hero
Is it you?

I never see the forest for the trees
I could really use your melody
Baby I’m a little blind
I think it’s time for you to find me

Can you be nightingale?
Sing to me
I know you’re there
You could be my sanity
Bring me peace
Sing me to sleep
Say you’ll be my nightingale

Somebody speak to me
Cause I’m feeling like hell
Need you to answer me
I’m overwhelmed
I need a voice to echo
 I need a light to take me home
I need a star to follow
I don’t know…” Nightingale-Demi Lovato