Monday, August 19, 2013


Greetings y’all.  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Mine was pretty good.  I was extremely productive but I also got to play a little.  I was a bit disappointed because when I weighed this weekend, I was up over a pound.  I know I went to New Orleans the prior week but I tried not to go crazy.  My hope was that I didn’t gain but it definitely goes to show that my body is at a zero tolerance level at this point.  It’s frustrating quite honestly.  I am in constant fear of gaining weight.  What I eat and drink, what I weigh, what activity I do for the day is streaming constantly in the forefront of my brain.  I never get a break.  It can be a bit overwhelming at times.  My goal is to live fearlessly and just do the best I can but I am certain a life without stress over my weight is an impossibility.  In terms of calorie intake and the rules I’ve set for myself, I was at 100% during the week last week and at about 70% this weekend so it wasn’t bad.  I am doing fine today. I’m currently training for a 10K so I’m running at least 3 times a week, walking at least twice and then doing either an exercise machine or an Insanity video once a week.  I still managed to gain weight last week so I hope that you can see why it’s all a bit discouraging.  Either way, I haven’t given up and I definitely don’t intend to.  I suppose this is my outlet to vent, however unfortunate it is for you all.  I will proceed as best I can.

I actually made a turkey burger this weekend that I didn’t screw up and it turned out delicious.  I am incredibly impatient.  If my food takes more than 3-5 minutes to make, I am certain to be cranky.  The problem is, there are various types of food that require patience.  I’ve burned a lot of eggs and rice in my day.  Turkey burgers are hard to make because they require patience.  If you overcook a turkey burger, it’s essentially inedible.  There are a couple tricks to cooking a turkey burger.  First, it should be of decent quality.  I recommend getting them uncooked.  Pre-cooked/packaged turkey burgers have no juices after they’ve been heated up.   I got these from Jennie-O.  Each individual patty comes in its own pouch.  They are 200 calories a piece but the patty is pretty large.  They are all white meat.  I keep them frozen and I defrosted this one in the microwave.  Be careful! The microwave is a dangerous place for turkey burgers.  I put it on the defrost setting and checked it every 30 seconds or so and as soon as it wasn’t frozen in the middle, I took it out.  Then I cooked it on a low-medium setting on the skillet.  I left it on one side for several minutes and THEN flipped it.  You don’t want to flip it too much or overcook it.  I got the idea from the Hungry Girl to make a taco flavored burger so I took taco seasoning and rubbed the patty with it.  Once it was done, I topped it with salsa and then some cheese.  I put it on my low calorie bun and it was delicious! I was so proud of myself for having the patience to make a juicy turkey burger.  It may never happen again so I wanted to share with you in order to cherish the moment. 

My life gets even busier this week.  School starts back so I’m going to be teaching in addition to my regular job.  I also got a third job tutoring two days a week so it’s going to be crazy.  Also, football season is about to start and that keeps me traveling and busy as well.  I am going to Chattanooga this weekend to see family and watch some live music at a festival.  I found out that Sara Bareilles was going to be playing in Chattanooga and she’s my favorite so I’m going to that on Sunday.  It should be an AWESOME weekend. I hope you all have a great week and I will catch you next Monday!

“Then that’s the way it is
We live with what we miss
We learn to build another wall
Till it falls

So go on go and break my heart
I’ll be okay
There’s nothing you can do to me
That’s ever going to burn me

So go on, go on and leave my love
Out on the street
I’m fearless
Better believe I’m fearless, fearless…” Fearless-Colbie Caillat


  1. You are one of the most fearless people I know!

    Good luck with school starting back and 'errthing...I hope you have a great semester!


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