Friday, October 14, 2011


Greetings y’all! What a week it has been! I have been crazy busy again. Between teaching school and work, which is very hectic right now, I have been overwhelmed a few times in the past few days. I will definitely be trying to relax on Sunday and by relax I mean grade papers…which isn’t relaxing, but at least I can do it from my couch. I weighed this morning and even though I wasn’t perfect last weekend, I was better and I got all but .2 pounds off from my Florida weekend. I was pleased with that. I am at a good place, I just need to do well during the week the next few weeks to try and maintain. I don’t anticipate losing any until after Halloween because I am travelling to Ole Miss this weekend for football, Tennessee weekend is the next week and then Halloween is after that and I celebrate Halloween by dressing and partying up AT LEAST twice, so, I don’t see me losing any weight.

Speaking of not losing weight, I made my mom her belated birthday dinner last week and even though it’s not a diet recipe, I decided to share. Luckily, my mom helped a great deal so I could get it all done. We made bacon cheddar slider burgers, smashed restaurant style potatoes complete with bacon and cheese and for dessert I made chocolate cobbler. The burgers and potatoes were both recipes from the Pioneer Lady. Look her up if you haven’t heard from her. She’s got an awesome blog and is now on the Food Network. She isn’t exactly a healthy cook so don’t look at the site unless you are planning on breaking your diet but she’s got some pretty awesome stuff. The Chocolate Cobbler recipe is from Paula Deen so you know it was bad AND delicious. It was loaded with butter and cocoa, toffee bits and pecans. YUM! YUM! Happy birthday again mom, hope you enjoyed it! I will have a more figure friendly recipe to share next week.

Ok, so I know that people are often just trying to be nice when they comment on your weight loss and I appreciate it most of the time. However, there are some people that need to learn the etiquette of discussing weight loss. There was a girl I ran into last week who honestly, I don’t know. I remember her face a bit and maybe I’ve met her once but we certainly aren’t friends. She looked at me, without a smile, and goes, “Oh, you’ve lost like a TON of weight.” Uh, maybe I’m being too literal but a ton is technically 2,000 pounds. If I answer yes to this question, I am essentially admitting that at one time, I weighed well over a ton. I mean, I get it, it’s an expression and I GUESS she was trying to be complimentary but it didn’t come off that way…it just seemed rude. Oh well, I just politely said thanks and moved on which is the right response but it still rubbed me the wrong way.

I am off to Oxford tomorrow to watch the Tide play Ole Miss. I am going with my friend Arianne and we might meet some other people up there so it should be a good time. Alabama is favored by a lot in this game so I just hope the players (unlike me) aren’t thinking ahead to LSU because that game isn’t until 11/5 and we have to get through two more games before we get there. I’m sure it will be fine and a fun experience that I will share next week.

I think I was shocked by a play while watching a football game a few years ago in that first picture but I should have been more astonished by the size of those ham hock arms. My arms aren’t exactly sculpted now but they are a bit smaller than that. Jeez. Stay motivated y’all! The holidays are upon us and it helps me to look at that picture…I just need to struggle through to get past January and I’ll be good.

Have a lovely weekend! Roll Tide!


“Well maybe I'm just lucky
But maybe that's OK…” Love I’ve Found In You-Lady Antebellum

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