Friday, November 4, 2011

Are y'all ready for some football?

Hey y’all! I am so excited that it’s the weekend that I can barely think straight. I’ve going to dive right in because I want to get in and get out today.

Ok-so, this is not a healthy recipe, it’s not my recipe and I didn’t even make them (though I did attempt to help) so I know this is a total cop out but I have a healthy recipe to talk about next week so, please forgive me. I made cake pops a couple months ago but my brother was having a Halloween party and even though I swore off the little monsters, my mom decided to tackle them again. They are fragile and difficult little things but my mom is a very determined soul and she finished them and made them into eyeballs for Halloween and they turned out awesome and they were DELICIOUS! I have to say, I will still stick with my cake pop moratorium but I will happily consume them should anyone else brave these complicated little treats.

So-for the party at Jordan’s…I was a pot of gold, he was a rainbow and Nichole was a leprechaun. They turned out cute and a MAJOR shout out to my mother who worked tirelessly to sew my costume BY HAND!!! Thanks Mom!!! I appreciated it so much. At work, our whole department set up a carnival/Where’s Waldo scene and we all went as a different version of Waldo…I was 80s Waldo, there was a Jersey Waldo, a Pirate Waldo, a Darth Waldo…and others…there was also the ACTUAL Waldo. We had games and candy and cupcakes. It was lots of fun. It was another great Halloween season in the books.

This before and after pic is the last of the Halloween themed fat pictures. I was a devil a few years back and this is a much slimmer picture of me in a costume. I have been eating way too much but I am determined to get back in the groove for good next week. I’ve had a decent week but I didn’t weigh. I will meet the scale next Friday to see what damage has been done and get ready to work hard. Hopefully, you will hear of pounds lost and not gained soon!

I am mostly filled with excitement because the game EVERYONE is talking about is TOMORROW! #1 and #2 will face off in Tuscaloosa and even though I’m nervous and I’m trying not to think too much about it, the fans and media are making it IMPOSSIBLE. Everyone is talking about it, ESPN is here and this town is absolutely CRAZY. I hope Bama can pull this out despite the enormous amount of pressure they are facing.

I know this was short and sweet but I am busy and distracted.

I hope you all have a fantastic and safe weekend.


I will hopefully have a good weight and football report to share next week!


“Yea, Alabama! Drown 'em Tide!
Every 'Bama man's behind you;
Hit your stride!
Go teach the Bulldogs to behave,
Send the Yellow Jackets to a watery grave!
And if a man starts to weaken,
That's a shame!
For 'Bama's pluck and grit
Have writ her name in crimson flame!
Fight on, fight on, fight on, men!
Remember the Rose Bowl we'll win then!
Go, roll to victory,
Hit your stride,
You're Dixie's football pride, Crimson Tide!” - Yea,Alabama!

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  1. You make an adorable/hot pot of gold, Waldo and devil!!! I loved our costume theme this year and had such a blast.

    ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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