Friday, January 6, 2012


Happy 2012 Y’all!!!!! I hope things are fabulous so far. My weighing moratorium is still going fine. I am excited to weigh on the 20th because since Jaunary 2nd, I’ve been flawless. I’m nervous about the upcoming weekend because this will be my first strict weekend in awhile but I’m motivated. I am feeling better already and even though I’ve had a couple diet rage related outbursts this week, it really could have been much worse. On the 20th, I will know for sure how much weight I need to lose to catch up. I made several resolutions. The weight loss related one is realistic. I would like to weigh 16.2 pounds less than my lowest weight by next NYE. I think that is totally possible. I didn’t want to set my standards too high. I’m off to a good start I think.

Now that college football season is almost completely over, I am going to miss some of my favorite tailgating foods. I love all food in relation to barbecue. I’ve made a low fat barbecue nachos before but I wanted to make a lower fat version of the barbecue quesadilla that I’ve had both at Dreamland and Jim N Nicks. They are delicious at both places but loaded with fat. This is a much smaller portion using the whole grain, flax seed flat bread that I’ve mentioned before, the barbecue that I get premade that has 100 calories per serving and a bit of low fat cheese. I just spread a single serving of the cheese and barbecue on the flat bread, closed it up and put it on the sandwich press. I thought it was quite tasty and actually a nice substitute for the kind you can get at barbecue joints in the south.

My camera is on the fritz and I’m pretty devastated about it. The screen will only show a white light and nothing else so I can’t see what I’m taking and I can’t review the pictures that I do take. Having said that, I only took a few pictures from NYE. I am NOT crazy about these pictures…especially my yellow side teeth in the one with Jordan and the heinous underarm boobs I tried to tuck in all night BUT it’s not all bad and I loved my dress. I also took a picture of the shoes I wore. My mother will HATE these but they made me feel tall and fancy. Heels are horrible for you to wear. They are uncomfortable and do a number on your knees, feet and back but they make me stand up straight and I swear knock a couple inches off around the waist so I wear them sometimes. I didn’t fall once wearing these so I think I will try them again sometime.

As a quick weight loss thought for the day, I wanted to let everyone know that for me, losing weight hasn’t just helped my figure and my health. It has catapulted my entire life. Because I have lost weight, it has given me energy and confidence. More than likely, if you set goals and lose weight, it will also give you more energy and confidence. For me, this energy and confidence (sorry for saying that 3 times) has spilled over into other areas of my life. I write more (for the site and also on other projects), I try new things, I set new goals and I am trying to light a fire in order to reach my career goals. I am not sure that anything I do now on a daily basis would be possible if I hadn’t lost weight. So, though I’m not sure the “trickle down effect” has basis in some areas, I definitely think it holds merit when it comes to losing weight. If you have things in life you want to accomplish, start with getting healthy and it may lead you to achieve other goals.

On Monday, January 9, 2012, Alabama will face off again against LSU for the National Championship. I wasn’t fortunate enough this time to get tickets to the game and I really can’t afford just to head down to New Orleans to support Alabama but rest assured, my Dad and I will be fiercely supporting the team from home. I am nervous but excited. I think Alabama can win and I REALLY hope that they do…so…unless you are an avid hater of the Alabama football program or an LSU fan, maybe you could think good thoughts and send good karma for an Alabama win.

Have a great weekend y’all!


“Roll Tide.” Every Alabama Fan

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