Monday, March 19, 2012

Back In The Saddle Again...

Well, it's been a long time, y'all! I have had a lot of fun since I last posted. I have probably also put on a couple pounds. Before I left for Vegas, I was up a few ounces for some reason and I didn’t hold back on the calories while I was gone so I imagine it didn’t get any better. The good news is that I got more than my share of exercise while I was gone and I’m back on completely today. I will weigh this weekend to see what the Vegas damage is done. There was no way I was getting on that scale this weekend.

I wanted to share a recipe with you that is from the Hungry Girl cookbook…of course…since that’s been my obsession lately. This is just a simple French toast that you can make. I actually had 3 pieces because that’s what the serving size was and you can add syrup as well. It was tasty and because it’s bread, it was filling. This would also be good served with egg whites and turkey bacon for a well-rounded and yummy breakfast.

I went to Publix the other day in search of more fun snacks and I found these. They are pastry twists. It’s just layers of crisp pastry that has the flavor of Wild Raspberry in each bite. They are so yummy and they are only 30 calories per twist so you can have 2 or 3 of them, guilt-free!

We all had a blast in Vegas. We rode rides at the Stratosphere, ate way too much food and got to see the fun casinos. I am going back again in December with Jordan and I can’t wait! Thanks again to my Oma for the fun trip!

While I was away, my BFF Jordan Pittman, was running for delegate in the state of Alabama. He didn’t quite get the votes to go but he got well over 1,000 votes and I am SO, SO proud of him! He’s an awesome and extremely informed person and I can’t wait to see him show up many more times on a ballot!

For St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to chop off my hair. I had just enough to donate. It has taken some getting used to and a couple of minor nervous breakdowns but it’s finally starting to grow on me. I hope it REALLY grows on me…fast…because it’s a little shorter than I wanted. I took my short hair out though with my new purple dress that makes me feel naked on top and had some green beer. It’s been a fun several days! I hope everyone has a great week/weekend. Wish me luck that I didn’t gain too much while eating like a wild woman in Las Vegas! Bye!

“I’m more than just a piece in their games.” Suzanne Collins-The Hunger Games


  1. I'm so glad you had a blast in Vegas and I'm glad you're back blogging today--I definitely missed your blog last week!

    Thank you SO much for the kind words and shout-out! You're amazing and the best supporter (and more importantly best BFF) I could ever have! Thank you again so much!!! It means so much. :)

    And, I know you're still adjusting, but I really think your hair looks freaking amazing! I love it--can't wait to see it in person. You looked super hot on St. Patty's Day!

  2. you look beautiful. your hair looks beautiful also...beautiful inside and out...thats my niece! love u....Tell Jordan congrats on the 1000 votes that is really good on the first time out! Aunt Brenda

  3. Thanks Jordan & Brenda!

    Brenda-that is so sweet! Love you! I'll be sure to tell Jordan you said that!-Heather

  4. Thank you, Brenda! I really appreciate that!


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