Monday, March 18, 2013

Melts in your mouth...

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely St. Patrick’s Day.  As you can see, there was a lot of green going on this weekend.  The pictures of the food are from the delicious dinner my mother made last night in which she made everything green.  She had green butter to go with green bread, green potato salad, broccoli and green pound cake that was served with strawberries.  It was pretty festive…and quite tasty.  Cassandra and I also got in the spirit and got out for a bit.  We broke out the St. Patrick’s day swag and took pictures so I gave you one as an example.  I love a themed holiday.  

I finally finished my 60 day challenge on Friday.  It’s interesting because I whole-heartedly recommend Insanity but some of my final numbers weren’t great and I wouldn’t advise it for everyone.  I did lose a few inches total since I started Insanity which is good but I didn’t lose weight.  To be fair, I haven’t eaten the way I should have for the 60 days so I think that if I was at 100% for calorie intake, I would have lost weight and more inches.  There are also things called “fit tests” on Insanity that you do periodically over the 60 days.  On my final fit test, I did worse in every category but two.  Why do I still recommend it you ask?  Well, like I said, I didn’t match Insanity up with diet perfection so it wouldn’t be fair to blame it for my lack of weight loss.  Also, I think I did every fit test after a night with little sleep.  I think I was also doing some of the moves wrong in the beginning.  I did better in the arms categories which is good to know.  I know that my arms are stronger though they aren’t great.  I also know for a fact that my hips, legs, thighs and calves are leaner and more muscular since I started.  I wouldn’t recommend it for people that are beginners because it’s really tough and takes a toll on your muscles.  I didn’t weigh this weekend but I will on Saturday.  I have to really shape up…I haven’t been nearly as solid as I should be but I’m ready to make a change and put myself first as far as food/drink goes.  Overall, if you’re in good health and decent shape, I would say give Insanity a try.  Since it’s so intense, I want to do it again but not every day.  So, I’ve scheduled my workouts for several months to come that intertwines Insanity videos with running, elliptical, walking and some other things.  I’ve got a couple 5K’s planned so I’ll be training for those too.

The recipe this week was once again inspired by Pinterest.  I don’t know about you all but I love hummus and I love the Sabra brand.  In moderation, hummus isn’t bad for you at all and makes a great snack.  This recipe is something called a ‘Hummus Melt’ and it was simple and yummy.  All you do is kick on the broiler of your oven, toast some low fat bread, spread a serving of hummus between the two pieces of bread, top it with turkey slices or whatever deli meat you want, and then a low fat or fat free cheese of your choosing and then broil it for a couple minutes.  It’s filling and tastes great.  It’s a really good addition to a salad or works as a snack too.

That’s all I’ve got today. 

Dad and I are going to a beer fest this Saturday so that should be fun!

Have a good week y’all!  Bye!

“Your best friend always sticking up for you even when I know you’re wrong…” Drops of Jupiter-Train (I got a few friends like these…and I’m so grateful)

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  1. just made and currently eating your hummus turkey melt..... omg so good


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