Monday, June 17, 2013


Hi Everyone.  I have to admit, I’ve slacked this week.  I don’t have a recipe or much time to dedicate to the post.  Also, I will be in Orlando for a work conference next week so there won’t be a post next Monday.  When I come back, I hope to have my crap together so I can provide you with some food tips and I also hope that I’m in a better mental and physical place than I am now.  I have a lot on my plate and I haven’t been dealing with it like I should.  I took in far too many calories this weekend.  I have pledged today to start taking better care of myself.  I want to make sure I don’t go hungry but that I don’t binge eat.  I also want to consider what ingredients I’m putting in my body. I need to renew my initial drive for weight loss and staying healthy and I’m ready to do that.  I didn’t have much change on the scale this week.  It’s time to get to work.  As usual, I’ll keep you up to date with my progress. 

I know I haven’t shared a recipe or talked about food much at all but I did post a couple things to at least look at.  Father’s Day was a success despite the gift I got my Dad which he can’t use.  I found the picture of him and I when I was a baby.  I thought the short shorts were hilarious so I included it.  Also, my mom and I took Grayson to the river on Saturday and she had a blast playing in the water so I included video of that.  I got lots of friend time too.  Jordan and I spent time with his family yesterday and my friends and I went to see an 80s cover band on Saturday.  I’m so blessed to have an awesome support system in my life.  I hope you all have a great week and I will post again in a couple weeks.

Bye y’all!

“I want to darken in the skies
Open the floodgates up
I want to change my mind
I want to be enough
I want the water in my eyes
I want to cry until the end of time

I want to let the rain come down
Make a brand new ground
Let the rain come down
Let the rain come down
Make a brand new ground
Let the rain come down tonight.” Let The Rain-Sara Bareilles


  1. Good luck with your restart!!! You got this.
    So glad I got to see you this weekend.
    Oh, and that's one of my favorite Sara B songs. She keeps it SO real. <3


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