Monday, December 15, 2014

Still Runnin'

Hey everyone.  I have literally nothing to brag about diet wise unless you count that one and a half days last week when I didn't go over my calorie count.  Since I'm all mopey and non-patiently awaiting the new year so I can start fresh, the only thing I can really be proud of is the fact that I am still training well for the next half marathon.  I've had some pain in my right leg which only got worse after my really long run on Friday but I rested this weekend and walked slowly for a couple miles today.  It still hurts but I will probably keep exercising because it's the only thing keeping me in my normal jeans.  I haven't eaten bad today but I have yet another Christmas party this week.  I hope you all are having holiday diet success!  I don't really have anything else to report.  My goal this week is to not eat ALL of the Reese's Christmas Trees my mother keeps giving me every week.

Good luck out there y'all.

Roll Tide.


  1. One and a half is better than zero. :)

    You are a rockstar runner!

    I've been through one package of Reese's Christmas Trees and I consider that a major win. I'd like a package of them every day.


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