Monday, August 24, 2015

"And a little bit of chicken fried..."

Hey everyone.  I'm super mopey about my diet performance last week.  I lost it completely mid-week and I'm not sure why.  I plan on behaving well this week and weighing on Saturday morning.  I haven't weighed in a long time and even though I don't really want to, I'm ready to see the number.  As usual, I work hard with exercise but it's not enough if I am not "perfect" with the food I eat.  I will just have to see where I am this weekend but until then, I will just get this post over with for the day.

I still have some canned squash from my Grandma and so I prepared it with some broccoli last week. Roasting vegetables isn't anything new or inventive but I think it's the best way to make a quick side. I didn't use any oil or butter.  I sprayed the pan with non-stick spray, used a ton of spices and then put a think layer of low-fat mozzarella cheese over the top.  Of course the cheese adds some calories but the flavor it gives the vegetables makes the extra calories totally worth it.  Plus, I found the yellow and green combined with the red from the spices made a pretty little summer side dish.

The other recipe I made did require a bit of oil but they could be baked.  I went with a bit more fat with the nuts and oil because I served it with veggies and it made the chicken tenders taste delicious, almost like you bought the breaded and deep fried kind from a restaurant. All I did was take the tenders, drop them in Egg Beaters and then I drug them through a combination of crushed cashews and smoky almonds.  I didn't cover them completely but it was just enough to give them great flavor and make them super filling.  Ian really enjoyed these as well.

School is in full swing so I'm hoping that gets my routine into place which always makes dieting easier.  I had a great weekend as my friend Arianne came into town and I was able to see the Alabama Shakes with my Dad and my friends, Nish and Elliott.  I also went to lunch at my Grandma's house in Chattanooga yesterday.  Come to think of it, I think I see why I let my diet go this week.

Until next time...

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