Monday, August 10, 2015

Pita Party

Hi Everyone! I will jump right in and tell you that this weekend was awesome but it kicked my butt.  With all of the birthday celebrations, I feel like I've been beaten up.  I'm in for another exciting weekend coming up but then school starts and it's a whole new kind of madness.  I did well all week last week aside from some sketchy moments starting Saturday night that creeped into yesterday.  I know that I will have some issues this weekend but all in all I am proud of my motivation this month so far.  I'm working hard and making sacrifices and I'm feeling confident.  I am back at it today and will be until Friday.  Then, I'm hoping for two perfect weeks in a row to help my weigh in on August 29th.

I am always looking for new vessels and admittedly, there's nothing new about pita bread.  It's been around for centuries but it caught my eye at the grocery store last week and since then, I've been having fun using it for a plethora of dishes.  I made a breakfast pita that I just stuffed with egg substitute and cheese which is always a nice, low calorie breakfast option.  The pita itself is 150 calories so whatever you put in it or on it adds to that base number.

Today, for lunch, I made a ham and cheese pita using the ham that my dad prepared in the smoker for 10 hours yesterday and it was delicious.

My favorite pita recipe so far is the pizza I made.  It looks a bit funny because all I had was a colby jack cheese stick but it was delicious.  I just added pizza sauce and lots of turkey pepperoni.  It was filling and tasty.

If the pizza was my favorite, the buffalo chicken was my second favorite.  I took the chicken fajita strips I had and some lettuce and then added my favorite light Buffalo Ranch.  It's amazing what a little spice can do for a recipe to make it that much better.

Finally, I used my favorite cheese-stuffed chicken sausage from Sam's that my mom gets me and plopped it in the pita. Adding carbs to sausage is never a bad thing.  The point is, there are about a million ways to dress up a pita and it's a fun, different way to change up the bread you typically use.

That's all I have for today!

Until next week..


  1. I'm starving now. Everything you posted here looks ridiculously delicious. YUM.


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