Monday, January 18, 2016

Put Beer In Your Chili

Hey y'all! Happy MLK day! Here's to respecting each other every day of the year! I will jump right in.  I lost a couple ounces last week but nothing to write home about.  I kind of expected this.  After the game Monday, in which Alabama won yet another national championship game (Roll Tide!) and after a couple missteps over the weekend, I didn't really earn more than a couple ounces down.  I am not upset and I'm not beating myself up.  I started today with a positive attitude and I'm doing very well.  I am proud to say that 18 days into 2016, I'm sticking with the plan to be a bit nicer to myself.  Before I show you the recipe, I wanted to give a quick shout out to my good friend, David Earp.  He's sick and stuck in the hospital and needs all the good vibes he can get.  You won't meet a sweeter guy or a better host.  Love you, David!

I have shared a chili recipe or two in the past few years.  The one I made a couple weeks ago was the best one I've ever made.  The best part was that it was hearty, filling and low in calories.  I made it with my new love, ground chicken.  In addition to the ingredients pictured, the chili also included turkey sausage and beer.  I used Fat Tire which is a Belgian Ale.  Y'all, the beer added another layer of flavor that made the chili richer and more delicious.  I don't like chili or kidney beans so I used black beans.  The heat from the turkey sausage and Rotel gave it a nice kick but you could also turn it up a notch if you like things more spicy.  Ian and I ate on this chili several times and it was delicious. I have to also say that even though this was Pinterest inspired, I changed things up and made it my own so I was pretty proud.

My Dad, Cassandra and I went to see Grace Potter at Iron City on Friday.  I've seen her 5 or 6 times and I think the show she put on Friday was the best one I've seen.  I think she's amazing.  It was a fun time.

I have lots of school work for this week as things are getting back into full swing. Being busy is good for the soul and for me, it's a good way to eat less.

Until next week y'all...

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