Wednesday, April 19, 2017

All Pork No Play

Hey y'all! Spring has officially sprung. Actually, it's friggin' hot already. I will be SO happy at the end of next week because it will mean my semester will be coming to an end. Good things are in the books for May: Jordan's Birthday, Mother's Day, my birthday, a wedding and Hangout Music Festival (which means time on the beach). I didn't weigh last week because I was not in the mood. We will see how I feel this week. I was such a sloth all weekend when it came to exercise and food. Easter brings ham and hard boiled eggs and I'm a BIG fan of both. I have phoned it in a bit this week but have a couple things to share. As always, the process of maintaining both physical and mental health is ongoing. Oh, and as an aside, my Oma was able to join us for Easter dinner! She's still recovering but getting stronger every day.

So, Ian LOVES ranch dip with Lay's Original Potato Chips. I'll be all eating my standard meat and vegetable and he plops down next to me munching on chips at dip. At first, I'll ignore it. Then, I'll schooch closer and closer to him and ask for "just one bite." Before I know it I've run through half a bag of chips and a cup of ranch dip. I've decided it's time to remedy this situation. I'm no fan of fat free products but "light" can be pretty good. In fact, I'm quite the advocate for both low fat sour cream and low fat mayo. Having said that, I used the packet mix and combined it with light sour cream. One tablespoon of this dip is 23 calories and it's delicious! Last night, I dipped cucumbers and carrots in the dip but since my love of carbs generally wins out, I also got some pretzels for dipping. One of the Blue Apron Meals we got last week came with carrots and we both hate them. I hate wasting food even worse though so I decided to eat them. Raw carrots gross me out. However, I will tolerate them when covered in ranch dip. You can see the difference in my face from no dip on the carrot to having ranch dip on the end. It goes from horrified to only slightly disgusted. Anyway, the dip is yummy and works well as dip but also is nice on a baked potato or as a mayo substitute on a sandwich.

Ian is the cook during the week and he prepared grilled pork chops, cheddar broccoli rice and roasted zucchini for dinner last night. Yes, I had two. They were thin. Also, shut up. The meal was delicious and despite his hatred of all vegetables, his preparation of the zucchini was perfect. What I'm mostly interested in sharing with you though is the leftover salad I made today for lunch. It had lettuce, cucumber, onion, leftover grilled pork chops, the remaining leftover Easter ham, fat free feta cheese, skinny Asian dressing from Cheesecake Factory, Kalamata olives and 12 crushed up butter flavored pretzels. It was a nice way to spruce up leftovers and have a filling lunch. I'm a big fan of making too much grilled meat and then using it for sandwiches and salads the next couple days.

Have a great week!

If you're going to A-Day this weekend...


Until next time!

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