Friday, August 28, 2009

Let's Get Physical

Well, it’s Friday and I could not be more excited. I get a two day break from work and exercise and well, that’s just a blessing. No, I don’t exercise on the weekends. I exercise every week day (with the exception of a day here or there that I sleep in). I set my alarm for 5:45 am and roll out of bed every morning and head to the local PARA Senior Activity Center. Now, I realize that I am only 25 but the ladies treat me very kind and it’s only $100 for the whole year. At first all I did was swim every day. Since I have a tendency to acquire swimmers ear, I had to start changing it up a bit. I like to swim because it is less impact on my knees who need a break from the rather large load they are carrying every day. I don’t however like swimming behind multiple grandgina’s (a coin I termed a while back that I’m quite fond of) in an overcrowded pool. So, some days I do the elliptical or the bike or the rowing machine. Don’t get any crazy ideas…I go in this building each day with the intentions of getting my heart rate up at least once and I am usually home by 6:30 so I can take a quick shower and nap before work. In general, I don’t place punctuality first in my list of priorities for my job. I really was raised better and in theory would love to get to work at 8 rather than leaving then but that rarely happens. One needs her morning nap. I will say for all of those naysayers who think that they can’t make time for exercise or that it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Unfortunately, you are wrong. I have fast forwarded through enough exercise tapes to know that they key to anyone’s weight loss is movement. I haven’t always been a morning person but in the last year I have had trouble sleeping and wake up early so I figured why not get the annoyance out of the way. Also, any week that I haven’t exercised as much or not at all, I can definitely tell in my progress. Since my butt spends most of its time wedged into an office chair or a couch or bed, it really pays to do a few minutes here or there moving it around. I bring my iPhone and watch episodes of 30 Rock to pass the time.

In the past few weeks I have become more internet savvy. By that I mean, I learned what a domain was and I have purchased two: one for this blog and one for my friends aunt who has cancer and that site will be This one isn’t up yet because as much as I have progressed in my technological insight, I need a little help. As soon as that site is up, I will certainly post it.

Tonight is Family Friday Dinner Night. I just named it that…there’s not a T-shirt or anything. My family and I are very close and I think that the primary element holding us together is food. We gather most every Fri., Sat., & Sun. for dinner. Don’t worry, I’m usually done early enough on Friday and Saturday to commit debauchery or sit at home thinking I am too old for all that. I digress. We eat a lot together and I don’t mean frequently (as I’ve already told you that), I mean we eat A LOT. Dieting is hard in the south…it’s borderline impossible when your mother is a cross between Paula Deen and Rachael Ray. My mother and I are a lot alike so naturally we clash sometimes and when we do I think to myself…self…what will you eat this weekend if you don’t let this go…because my mom doesn’t play…if you make her mad she will threaten to stop cooking. Luckily, on Friday nights, we usually go out to eat and I’m not tempted by anything with chocolate or white gravy. Stay tuned…you never know what the weekend could hold.

As a side note, one of my good friends runs a site that publishes art, photography, poems and other things and she graciously published one of my poems and you can view it here: . It’s the one with a lady bug at the top of it.


  1. Hey you know if you need help with website stuff xay according to his degree is supposed to be able to do that....

  2. There's not like a t-shirt or anything? think y'all should have some made. It is a pretty crunk tradition. Also, congrats again on your poem posting!!! SO awesome!


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