Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Cheat Day...(Thanks Jordan)

Today is cheat day. Everytime it comes around I take the words from the song "One Sweet Day" by Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey and transform them into "One Cheat Day." That's how much I love it. This morning my mother made bacon (it was turkey bacon), scrambled eggs with cheese on top, hashbrowns and she also made me a biscuit. It was delicious. Tonight for dinner she's making chicken parmesean, mac & cheese and fried okra so this day is completely out the window. Not only is my breakfast and dinner made up of food I used to eat on a daily basis but my lunch was quite ridiculous too. Because of my FAT OUT of 2009 over my favorite ranches, I had to have wings for lunch. Now, I ordered a snack size wings which is only 5 wings. The thing that made me go over the edge was the cheesy bacon fries that we got...yes...everything was dipped in ranch. I had to have the plate removed from me because I had this crazed look in my eyes like I may even ask people at other tables for some of their food. This is why cheat day has its downsides...I have no will power...I can't stop. This is why I have problems in the first place. I'm not just a binge eater or a comfort eater...I'm an all around professional eater so when I am given no boundaries (such as points) I get in big trouble. I do however find the treat almost as intregal to my weight loss as eating right during the week. The reason I believe that is because living off of grilled chicken, lettuce and diet food the rest of your life isn't realistic. The key is finding a balance. No nutritionist would probably ever recommend my Go All Out Sundays but that is how I do it and it works for me. Eventually, I may be at a place where I can mix my cheat day up and have it be on different days but I'm not there yet. I need consistency and a plan.
So, in the midst of eating today, I actually have a lot to do, which is why this entry will be a little shorter (my Dad will be happy). I am less than 3 months away from having a Masters and everything is sort of coming at once. I have to give a lecture and essentially prepare a book before I can be this afternoon I am also working on school. I have pretty terrible vision so I was going to put on my glasses and I was cleaning them and they snapped in half. I have to have glasses and I don't have an extra pair so even though it would look terrible I was even willing to tape them. I can't really figure out a way to do this. It broke more on one side and it doesn't seem like I can do it and still be able to see. My roommate and best friend Jordan felt horrible for me and suggested that I use his super glue. I opened the little devil and barely touched it and superglue went flying everywhere...All over my leg, hands, keyboard, mousepad, and sheets. One tiny, TINY squirt. I spent the next twenty minutes being rubbed down with acetone by Jordan and not in a good way either and even though I practically basted myself with the stuff...there is still a significant amount all over me. So, this afternoon has pretty much blown. I am going to try to get a little more work done before dinner even though I can barely see and every time I hit the "A" key, my finger sticks just a little bit. I hope my day is better tomorrow even though it will be a Monday.

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