Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey y’all! I truly hope that every one of you had as great of a weekend as I did!!! If you didn’t, I am so sorry and I will keep my fingers crossed that your days get much better. Before I show you some pictures and talk a little bit about my weekend, I wanted to share this week’s recipe.

I call this Baked Turkey Parmesan. The original recipe was for Chicken Parmesan but I like to use what I have to save money and reduce waste. I used a turkey breast to make this…it’s pretty simple, you melt a VERY tiny bit of butter and cover the turkey in it, dip it in bread crumbs and parmesan cheese and then bake it. After you bake it on both sides, you take it out, add tomato sauce (you can use pizza or spaghetti sauce…whatever you have in the house), low fat mozzarella (I used the fat free cheddar I had) and bake it a few more minutes. Take it out once it’s all bubbly and it’s done! It was simple and tasty and low in fat. I am finding that for me, turkey and chicken are basically interchangeable but there are some people that just don’t like turkey…obviously, if you are that person, you will want to use chicken. I didn’t have much spare time the past few days but I wanted to make sure to prepare a recipe mostly to convince myself I could still eat healthy. I ate TERRIBLE this weekend as I predicted so I decided if I could be good yesterday, today and tomorrow, I would scrap my original plan of weighing May 19th and wait until AFTER my beach trip and AFTER I’ve had a few days to recover and weigh on May 27th. This way, I know I won’t have any further temptations for almost 3 weeks and I will know where I stand and how much I will need to lose before I go to New York…I think I told you all I want to be one pound less than my lowest weight by June 17th…I think I can do it…but I want to have fun at the beach and if I weigh before I go, I think I will feel guilty the whole time…who wants that?! So, if I can prove to myself that I can be good for a few days, I think that means I am still OK.

Now that I’ve used WAY too many words to describe something pretty simple, I will say congrats again to my cousin Katie on graduating high school! That is her pictured above…she’s so grown up!!! I wish you the best of luck, Katie! I also want to pre-congratulate my brother’s girlfriend Lisa, who is also graduating this year. Lisa graduates on Thursday. I will be at the beach so I can’t go but I wanted to make sure and give her a shout out too! So, in addition to watching Katie graduate, I also had a pretty awesome birthday-related weekend. I got to go out with Cassandra, hang out with my family and Jordan and celebrate with AWESOME gifts and food! I got money for New York and my dad got me golf clubs! It was an extra special surprise from my family and I LOVE THEM!!! It makes me want to play every day. Look out because I WILL actually play a real game soon. I included some pictures below of the weekend. Thanks SO much to the people who made my birthday special…I am one lucky girl to have such caring, amazing people in my life!

I won’t blog again until next Tuesday because I won’t be here on Friday…when I get back Tuesday, I’m sure I will have pictures to share with you. I’m very excited to get away a few days with friends!!!

Have a wonderful week and weekend!

Stay safe!


“Oh watch me go
I'm a happy girl
Everybody knows
That the sweetest thing that you'll ever see
In the whole wide world
Is a happy girl

Laugh when I feel like it
Cry when I feel like it
That's just how my life is
That's how it goes

Oh watch me go
I'm a happy girl
And I've come to know
That the world won't change
Just 'cause I complain
Let the axis twirl
I'm a happy girl.” Happy Girl-Martina McBride

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