Monday, August 27, 2012


The recipe this week is a frittata.  You may have been able to figure that out from the title of the blog.  I decided the word frittata was cool enough to stand on its own as a title.  I think I’ve made a frittata in the past but I like them and they are fairly easy to make so I thought I’d share another.  I’m a big proponent of breakfast for dinner…especially eggs.  Who says you can only have breakfast food in the morning?  I made some changes to this recipe to fit the items I already had a bit better.  Instead of Canadian bacon, I used deli turkey and instead of chopped tomatoes that I’m not a huge fan of, I used salsa to give it more flavor.  My tip for frittata making is that you use a great non-stick pan or a lot of non-stick spray because they will stick easily.  Make sure they are ready to flip before trying or you have no chance.  Also, don’t let them burn.  I know it sounds like a lot of rules but it’s really not that hard if you’re careful.

I have a Pinterest corner below so this isn’t technically a Pinterest corner but since I spend a lot of time finding things from there, I wanted to share this idea that I of course snagged from Pinterest.  There seems to be a Greek Yogurt craze going on and I needed some for another recipe.  Since I don’t like to waste food, if I have to buy a whole package of an ingredient and I only use a small bit from that package, I look for other recipes to use that ingredient up.  This healthy snack is super easy.  All you do is dip blueberries in the yogurt and pop them in the freezer for about 30 minutes. I spread them out on a plate so they didn’t get all clumped together.  Once you take them out, you have a tart treat that you can pretty much eat until the cows come home.  Next time I try this, I may use vanilla flavored yogurt instead…and maybe grapes or strawberries. 

My parents went out of town this weekend so I cooked dinner for them so my mom wouldn’t have to worry about it when she got home last night.  I got a lot of help making these Pinterest inspired recipes and they turned out great.  One recipe was called Cowboy Casserole.  Basically, you layer tater tots on the bottom of a greased pan, and over them you pour a mixture of browned ground beef, onions, corn, cream of mushroom soup, cheese, garlic and sour cream.  Then, you add another layer of the tater tots, more cheese and bake it.  It was creamy, filling and delicious.  I made some black beans (not pictured) that were also a big hit.  I just simmered 
black beans with onions, garlic and a couple pinches 
of cayenne.  The other picture is bread from Pinterest called Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls.  This thing was delicious! The picture isn’t clear but it tasted amazing.  You just take a round sourdough loaf of bread, cut it horizontally and vertically in a cross hatch pattern that makes it easy to pull the bread off, stuff cheddar cheese and real bacon bits in the gaps of the bread and then pour melted butter mixed with ranch mix over the top and bake.  It was super yummy.  This was by far one of my more successful meals but nothing about it was healthy so make at your own risk.  I’m sure there are steps you could take to lighten the recipes but I went full steam ahead.  If you’re interested, you can find the recipes on Pinterest or if you comment on here, I’d be happy to pass the links along to you.  I also made two desserts last night that I’ll share in a couple of weeks that didn’t come from Pinterest.

Next Monday is Labor Day and I wanted to tell you Happy Labor Day in advance because there will be no blog next Monday.  You will have to hear about my time in Dallas, my stagnant weight and other recipes on the 10th of September.  I hope you can handle that though I’m sure it will be difficult.

If you have the day off Monday, congrats and enjoy it!

Please keep me, my dad and the rest of the football travelers of the world in your thoughts this weekend.  Dallas is a long trip.

Also, try and stay out of the way of any hurricanes over the next few days.

Goodbye and ROLL TIDE!

“Sad can’t catch me
Call me baby now
When it’s all I used to believe

If the sun don’t light
And the moon won’t turn
We’ll get a room at the end of the world
And we’ll rewrite all the wrongs we’ve learned
Safe in our room at the end of the world.” Room at the End of the World-Matt Nathanson


  1. Now I have to watch Morning Glory...which is immediately what I thought of when I saw the title frittata.

    There does seem to be some sort of Greek Yogurt craze...I'm going to have to check that out. The casserole looks delicious and I'm glad you got to try to ranch bread thing. Yum-O.

    I will definitely miss your blog next week! I always look forward to it. :) Safe travels and Roll Tide!!!

  2. Thanks...and I'm pretty sure you always want to watch Morning Glory.

  3. Yeah...I can't argue with that...haha.


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