Monday, September 10, 2012

Sweet Tooth

Hey y’all.  It’s been awhile since I blogged.  I hoped everyone had a nice Labor Day and a fun time kicking off football season.  The last time I weighed, I was up a few pounds from the time before.  I would normally have some sort of emotional breakdown but I decided it was OK.  I know that I’m going 100% in terms of exercise and about 80% in terms of food.  This week, I plan on being even better on my diet so I have nothing to beat myself up over.  It’s just hard right now.  I didn’t weigh last week because I knew that it wasn’t going to be great.  I went out of town to my first football game and there was two parties at work last week and I ate at those.  All of the sloughing off during the week is over though so things should improve.  I will weigh on Saturday for the first time in awhile to see how far I am from that low point.  I am pushing for a particular goal that I have been wanting to reach for months but my weight isn’t budging unless it’s going up when I eat too much.  Oh well, onward, y’all…I just have to keep moving.

I have always been a fan of food in general.  I like junk food, home-cooked food, dessert, snacks…all of it…and I love it equally.  However, I have had the worst sweet tooth the past couple of weeks.  I don’t know where it’s coming from but I’m pretty sure if I put my mind to it, I could eat an entire cake in one sitting these days.  I included a healthy sweet tooth option and also a naughty one.  The first recipe is Hungry Girl’s peanut butter fudge.  It’s really simple to make.  You just mix together brownie mix, pumpkin and peanut butter.  It tasted great.  It had more of a dense brownie feel than fudge does but it was chocolate and peanut butter and I really enjoyed it.  In case you’re wondering, it didn’t taste anything like pumpkin.  My only complaint was that the serving size was quite small but that’s just because I like to eat big servings.

The other recipe was a total indulgence.  I was watching “The Best Thing I Ever Made” on TV a while back and one of the recipes was homemade chocolate chip cookies and milkshakes.  I love cookies, especially homemade ones with giant chunks of chocolate in them.  I made the cookie recipe and they were so yummy.  I could have eaten 10.  I also make milkshakes…they were cake batter flavored.  They were messy and a bit more work than they were probably worth but I enjoyed them.  I still have the sweet tooth but I’m now having to cater to it with sugar free cookies and 100 calorie packs so I’m mourning the loss of buttery, chocolaty sweets.  I’m sure I’ll live.

My Dad and I took the long trip to Dallas Labor Day weekend to watch Alabama beat the pants off of Michigan.  We had a great trip and Alabama is looking pretty good so far this season.  We play the Razorbacks this Saturday in Arkansas.  If Bama plays like they should, there should be no problems so hopefully I will be celebrating a win on Saturday night.

I hope you all have a great week and ROLL TIDE! Bye!

"If you get lost, you can always be found.” Home-Phillip Phillips


  1. Thanks...I now want everything peanut butter and chocolate in a 50 mile radius. :)


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