Monday, January 20, 2014

So fill up your lungs and just run...

Happy MLK day, y’all! Congrats to those who get the day off.  I hope that we all remember the importance of this day and the messages that we are supposed to remember.  I had a week of perfection last week…at least until Saturday.  I had a few missteps over the weekend with food but overall, I’m not too disappointed.  I’d really like to have a perfect weekend coming up though because it’s the last weekend before I start weighing again.  Hopefully I’ve done well enough to have lost the holiday weight I gained like I planned.  I do feel like I’ve shed a few pounds so here’s hoping it’s enough. 

I know I’ve mentioned that I’m training for a half marathon.  This week, I had to run 66 minutes without stopping.  I did this without too much trouble.  The trouble came later when I could barely move.  The other problem that I had when I got done was that I was STARVING.  I know that when you run for long distances, it’s important to take in more calories but I also have rules I need to follow.  One of the issues was that I had no groceries.  My funds have been running low the past few weeks so I had gotten behind on my groceries.  I like picking up quick food and eating at restaurants just like anybody but when you’re dieting, it’s important to limit those trips because for one, the portions you are given are often more than the recommended serving, often making the calories/points skewed.  Also, you can save money and points by eating at home.  I think it’s so important to have food and snacks at home.  If you are hungry and there’s no low calorie snack or fruit to grab in your cabinets, you may just say “forget it” and run to McDonald’s.  If you have a well-stocked cabinet, you have less ability to justify not eating what you already have at home.  So, my advice is to make sure you have options.  Even if you go over a bit because you were starving and ate some extra baked chips, it’s better than having a large fry in a moment of weakness.  I had to learn that the hard way this weekend.  It’s all about progress though, y’all.  Keep at it.

I wanted to share a recipe I made last week.  I am bringing back the Morning Star crumbles.  If you didn’t see my post last week, I recommended that you all try these crumbles.  They resemble meat and are low in fat.  This week, I made a pizza using high fiber flat bread, the crumbles, spaghetti sauce and fat free cheese.  Look, I won’t lie, if you go in with the mindset that this is a pizza substitute, you will be sorely disappointed.  Don’t consider it pizza at all actually.  If you can get the word pizza out of your mind, this isn’t so bad.  I just put all of it together and baked it for a few minutes.  It’s low in calories and it’s pretty big which follows my rule of getting the most food for the least amount of calories. 

I hope you all enjoy your week.  This week for my half marathon training, I will have to run 72 minutes without stopping.  We will see how it goes.  I am sure I will let you know! Bye!

“You said, remember that life is
Not meant to be wasted
We can always be chasing the sun!
So fill up your lungs and just run
But always be chasing the sun!

All we can do is try
And live like we’re still alive…” Chasing the Sun-Sara Bareilles


  1. I just left a detailed 5 point comment and blogger ate it up and now it's gone. :/

    Just know that I mentioned how awesome you are for running, the awesome song quote, the stock grocery photo, and how a large fry is awesome...but yes, unhealthy. I don't have the energy to try and recreate the whole comment. #devastated

  2. I am so sorry for your comment loss. The comment feature on Blogger isn't great. I appreciate the first and second words of encouragement though!


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