Monday, January 6, 2014

Take Me To The Other Side

Welcome to 2014, y’all! It’s been awhile.  I have to say, I am so glad to be back in the regular grind of things.  The holidays are fun and relaxing but I turn into some crazed couch sloth who only moves for food and bathroom breaks.  It’s not pretty.   I’m not much for making resolutions.  I have found that I operate much better with smaller goals.  Also, when you make some grand proclamation at the beginning of the year and you don’t make it, it seems to make the agony of defeat that much worse.  I did make some smaller weight-related goals and I’m always making career goals.  I decided not to weigh until February 2nd.  I started my diet back on Thursday of last week.  I’ve been flawless ever since and man, it feels good to be back.  I was starving and grumpy a couple times this weekend but I already feel better.  I don’t want to know the exact number of pounds I gained over the holidays so I decided to wait to weigh.  My immediate goal is to lose the holiday weight by February 2nd.  I know what I weighed before the holidays so if I’m  back to that by that date, I’ll be happy.  Then, I want to lose around 10 more pounds by March 2nd.  This goal is a little more lofty but I’m still hoping I can do it.  Finally, I want 5 more pounds after that by March 30th.  I’m not playing around, y’all.  Watch out.

So, if you’re like me, you went into hibernation mode this holiday season.  I didn’t say “no” a whole lot to food and my jeans made sure to let me know I needed to slow down.  Well, I’m pretty good about getting back into a diet after the holidays.  Having said that though, I have been feeling pretty hungry since Thursday.  One of the keys to re-starting your diet is to trick your body into thinking it’s getting as much food as it was when you were cramming multiple pounds of chex-mix and chocolate down your throat.  One way to do that is to fill your belly up with plenty of fruits and vegetables.  I have been eating a lot of apples.  I won’t do this forever but since at this present moment I feel like I’m hungry every 20 minutes or so, I have to keep a lot of fruit around.  The dish above is from Ruby Tuesday.  They have a new line of food made with spaghetti squash.  This is the Spaghetti Squash Marinara.  It tastes delicious.  I’m not crazy about the consistency BUT you get a big plate of food that is at least pretending to be pasta for only 6 points.  This way, you can go to dinner with your family and eat a plate full of food rather than three pieces of iceberg lettuce and flavorless char-grilled chicken which make you want to cry yourself to sleep or punch someone in the throat.  For those with vegetable-phobias, I won’t lie.  It tastes vegetable-y.  I’d still try it though.  Kudos to Ruby Tuesday for hooking us up with better options.

In addition to rekindling my diet plan, I have also set a pretty big goal for exercise.  I’ve been running a couple years now.  I’m not fast by any means but I have greatly improved.  I first trained for a 5K and I’ve completed several of those now.  Then, I trained for a 10K and I was also able to do that.  I got a Jawbone UP for Christmas.  This little device tracks your activity, steps, calories burned and sleep.  I was so excited about this device, I went out Christmas morning and achieved my fastest 5K.  I noticed that a friend signed up for the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon that will take place on March 8th so I decided to sign up too.  The most I’ve ever run at once is a little over 6 miles.  So, 13.1 will definitely be a challenge.  I’ve already started training for it.  It’s kind of terrifying but my goal will be to finish it.  If I walk some, I won’t beat myself up but at this time, I’m training to run the whole thing.

The pictures below are from Christmas and New Year’s.  Santa (yes, I'm almost 30) always brings awesome stuff and both Cassandra and Jordan know about my Harry Potter obsession.  Usually, I got out on New Year’s Eve but this year, Jordan and I pigged out, laughed, hung out and watched TV.  We drank champagne at midnight and it was so nice to welcome in the New Year with him!

I didn’t post any pictures about the Alabama/Oklahoma game because well, we lost.  I am so proud of the team Alabama has become.  I will miss all of the seniors.  The year ended poorly but I already can’t wait to see what next season looks like. Roll Tide.  Until next week, y’all!

“In the beginning
I never thought it would be you
When we were chilling
Smiling in the photo booth
But we got closer (yeah)
Soon you were eating off my spoon
You’re coming over
And we would talk all afternoon

Tonight we’ll just get drunk
Disturb the peace
Find your hands all over me
And then you bite your lip
Whisper and say, “We’re going all the way.”

Take me to the other side
Sparks fly like the Fourth of July
Just take me to the other side
I see that sexy look in your eyes
And I know we ain’t friends anymore
If we walk down this road
We’ll be lovers for sure
So tonight kiss me like it’s do or die
And take me to the other side…” The Other Side-Jason Derulo


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