Monday, November 10, 2014

Don't Skip Breakfast Y'all

I wanted to first give a shout out to all veterans past, present and future.  Thank you for what you do!

I found this picture on Instagram yesterday and it could not be more true for me right now.  Last week I was aiming for a perfect week.  I did not anticipate getting sick though and that put a wrench in my goal.  I have a pretty intense chest cold.  I usually only get sick about once a year so I guess now is the time.  The way I had my calories set up on my Lose It app doesn't  really give me enough calories if I don't exercise so I've done some readjusting.  I exercised  on Friday even though I felt terrible because I didn't want to skip my weekly run.  Other than that, I haven't exercised since Wednesday.  This is unlike me.  I just couldn't muster the energy to get out of bed.  Of course I ate too much.  Sigh.  I still feel really bad today but tomorrow I have to do something active no matter how I feel.  I feel as if I could lose it I'm on the verge. I'm so tired of being obsessed with food and fighting for perfection when it seems like I don't have the power to reach it.  I changed my app so that it thinks I want to lose 1/2 pound a week rather than two.  This gives me more calories per day.  By all means, I don't need to eat more or gain weight but without exercise, I was giving myself only 1,140 calories a day.  I think I need to practice eating normally so I'm giving myself a bit more wiggle room but also taking away cheat days in hopes to find a balance.  I'm really struggling right now.  My goal this week is to follow the rules Tuesday through Sunday.  I know I can do it, I just need an attitude adjustment.

I am a firm believer that everyone should be eating breakfast.  If you're working out or going to work in the morning, skipping breakfast depletes the small amount of energy you have when you wake up.  Even if it's just a couple hundred calories, get something in your body in the morning.  I have showed you a breakfast burrito that I make.  I eat a lot of egg beaters, smoothies and other breakfast options.  One thing I love to make is an egg white omelet.  This is something that only takes about five minutes to make, gives you protein and tastes really good.  It makes you feel like you're getting a "real breakfast."  Another great thing about the omelet is that you can incorporate a ton of different flavors in it. I used Egg Beaters and just poured about 6 tablespoons in the bottom of a sprayed or non-stick skillet.  Once they were firm enough, I carefully flipped it, added low fat cheese, bacon bits and some ham and I had a tasty omelet.  

If you're in more of a hurry there are plenty of options in the freezer section.   Special K has a whole line of breakfast sandwiches that won't destroy your calorie budget.  I like the one with ham and pepper jack cheese because it has the best balance of flavor and calories (200).  Jimmy Dean also has several lighter breakfast sandwich options but the Special K sandwiches are just a bit lower.

Another breakfast sandwich idea is new and it comes from Ihop.  This French Toast sandwich is filling and has just a hint of maple.  If you are one to crave McGriddles, this might help fulfill your needs.  They have a couple other options but the Ihop breakfast options aren't meant to be light, it just so happens that the ham, egg and cheese one isn't bad.

One breakfast option that I think is smart to avoid is the gluten free waffle from Van's.  I'm not sure what kind of psychedelic diet trip I was suffering from when I thought it would be a good idea to get gluten free waffles but I got them and they were disgusting.  First, there's barely even a hint of the apple cinnamon flavor that was promised on the box.  Second, the consistency is that of a piece of dried out cornbread that's been sitting out for a week.  I've been trying to eat them from time to time since I bought them and I'm too cheap to get rid of them and I've also noticed they don't even stay with you very long.  I have found that eating veggies is great but when it comes to gluten free food, there aren't too many options that substitute for bread products that aren't really just terrible.  I suppose if I added a lot of butter and about a cup of syrup they would be edible but that sort of defeats the purpose doesn't it?

Bama gave me a near heart attack this weekend vs LSU and I don't expect it to be much different on Saturday when we pay Mississippi State.

Roll Tide Y'all!  Have a great week!


  1. I can't believe you bought a gluten free waffle. Bless your heart. I'm also a firm believer in getting a good breakfast in the morning. It really does make a big difference.

    Good luck with your new plan!

    I can't even talk about the game yet without having heart palpitations.

  2. Yes, the gluten free waffle was a huge mistake.


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