Monday, November 3, 2014


Well, as I suspected, the candy and temptation of my beloved Halloween weekend meant that my diet was on the back burner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I knew I wouldn't do well.  It's my favorite holiday.  I'm not going to beat myself up too much though because I look forward to Halloween all year and I like to go all out.  I am back on today and my goal is to have a perfect week.  I need to be good.  It's time to buckle down because I have a few weeks to trim down before Thanksgiving.  

I purchased a device that turns squash and zucchini into pasta-like strips and I am so happy I did.  You will probably see recipes in which I use this device a lot because it's been amazing so far.  The first thing I did was mix it with light alfredo sauce and chicken because that's what I had in the cabinet.  I used too much liquid I think so it turned out more like a soup but was still yummy.  

The next day, I put it in a skillet to sauté and added the same alfredo sauce and then sliced up some delicious chicken sausage to put in there.  Using the squash and zucchini instead of pasta saves you so many calories and you can definitely eat more.

I saved the best for last.  I am over the moon about the lunch I made for myself today.  I am obsessed with Chinese, Japanese and Thai food so I made a little stir fry for myself.  All I did was take a squash and some chicken and I sautéed it with teriyaki sauce and a little bit of soy.  When it was cooked through, I added peanut sauce on top.  I bought peanut sauce because A) it's delicious and B) it's a much better alternative than the yum yum sauce in my fridge.  One tablespoon of shrimp sauce can be anywhere from 80-90 calories.  You can have two tablespoons of peanut sauce for 60 calories.  Y'all! This was soooooooo good.  It was packed with flavor, I had a huge amount, it filled me up and the best part is, the whole dish was 395 calories.  Also, now that I've made it, I could probably do less soy, teriyaki and I could probably get away with one tablespoon of peanut sauce and save even more calories.  I could have also split it with someone but I love filling up a big plate of food and eating it without any guilt.

So, Halloween was a ton of fun as usual.  Ian went as the Dude from the Big Lebowski and I went as Maude (played by Julianne Moore in the movie) and I went as the version of her when the Dude is dreaming and she's dressed as a viking.   I had a lot of help from Cassandra and I'm pretty sure my insides are shimmering gold but it turned out pretty cool.  I also went to the Bacon and Beer festival in Tuscaloosa on Saturday and that was also a lot of fun.

Bama plays LSU this weekend so REAUXLL TIDE!!! Until next week...

Here's hoping I behave! Bye!


  1. I might have to investigate this new pasta maker!!!! Looks great! Brenda


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