Monday, May 11, 2015

The Little Things

Hi everyone. Monday is here again.  I have decided to postpone stepping on the scale until 5/30.  I have been a lazy bum who eats everything in sight for the past several days. Today has been a bit better and I finally went to the gym this morning but things won’t get totally back to normal until next week. This week is my birthday and I’ve planned a multitude of cheat meals which is pretty normal for me.  I’ll have a few weeks of work cut out for me when birthday week is over to get off this May weight.

It’s summer time and one way to make a quick lunch is to stuff your favorite ingredients inside a giant piece of lettuce.  The lettuce is light and almost no calories and provides a light alternative for bread.  I made these tasty treats super quickly.  They are BLT roll ups. I don’t like tomatoes so I used sun dried instead.  All I did was add a bit of light mayo, bacon and sun dried tomatoes and rolled them up.  They were a low cal, slow carb friendly treat.

Eating at fast food places is difficult (especially when you are doing without carbs).  You may already know this but there are two places that have options for you. The first is Chick-Fil-A.  They have grilled chicken nuggets which are delicious, low in calories.  You also have the option to get fruit as a side if you want a combo.  Also, Bojangles has roasted chicken bites that you can get with green beans.  Of course, it comes with a biscuit that you’ll have to toss or give your boyfriend but it’s a nice option for a quick dinner.  It’s especially convenient for me because there’s one right by my house.

Finally, I went 3 or 4 days with no physical activity which is unusual for me and always eliminates my motivation.  I decided to start a 30 day challenge that I’ll do in addition to my regular workouts.  It’s only a few minutes out of my day and hopefully it will be a nice small goal to motivate me.  Some other folks I know in a Facebook group are also doing it and that always helps too.  I’m going to be exercising all week but I plan to go even harder next week.

I didn’t go to Atlanta this past weekend as planned because my friend Cassandra’s father passed away.  As my mother said, Cass is more than a friend, she’s family so I’m heartbroken for her and ask that you send good vibes to her and her family during this difficult time.  They are experiencing some financial difficulties so if anyone has any interest in helping out, please let me know.  Other than that, thank you for any thoughts and prayers that you can provide.  This will be a tough road ahead for all of them. 

My penguin trip will be the 19th now so that will be a fun time to look forward to!

Have a good week!

Until next time...

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