Monday, December 14, 2015

I'm Going To Snap!

The truth is, I think I've already snapped.  I haven't weighed in a few weeks and even though my exercise game is strong, my mentality when it comes to food is not.  I have good moments and bad moments but I have most definitely slipped into my holiday slump where I try desperately each day not to do the typical, "I'll just wait until January" diet.  The holidays are hard because Christmas celebrations pop up all over the place and I'm not a "say no" kind of gal.  Sometimes, it's worth it though. For instance, I went with friends to Texas de Brazil (a Brazilian steakhouse) on Saturday and it was absolutely delicious.  I had another party with different friends yesterday and I can't turn down a mimosa.  I will figure it out and I'm determined to find the motivation I had for so long again.

One of my goals is to replace my need to eat with other things.  I know the print on this list is small but it's 100 things to do instead of eat so here is the link as well:  It includes activities like shopping, getting a massage and meditating. Sadly, all of these ideas cost money.  Shopping actually works well for me as a hunger mitigator but it's not something I can always do.  I also like the free ideas on this list like wash your car, take a bath and organize your photos.  I have found that my best diet moments in the past couple weeks is when I've been busy for hours doing stuff around the new house.  Keeping busy is the best way to stay away from the pantry.

One of my most favorite holiday treats are the gingersnaps from World Market.  They are perfect, crispy and somehow moist as well.  I am convinced they are laced with some type of drug.  The best part about them is that if you can stop at one or two, they are only 20 calories a piece.

Ian and I put up our first tree.  It's quite crooked and the ornaments and lights could be more evenly distributed but I kind of like its imperfections.

Have a good week everyone and good luck out there!


  1. That looks like a delicious mimosa! And, your tree is ADORABLE!! Also, I want some buttery ginger snaps now.

  2. You can have some ginger snaps Friday!


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