Monday, December 28, 2015

Wrapping Up 2015

Well, this is the last post of 2015 and while I don't have any recipes to share or any good news on the scale front, I am optimistic for 2016 and proud of the things I've accomplished this year.  It's a slow process but I am starting to realize that life doesn't begin and end with a number on a scale. I think I want to shift my focus from worrying so much about surface issues and learn how to appreciate who I am in the next year.  I know it sounds cheesy but I do believe that caring more about myself on a deeper level will help me in my weight loss journey by proxy.  So, even though it's cliche to reflect at the end of the year, it's what I'm doing.  I hope 2015 was good for everyone and if it wasn't, cheers to a better 2016.

I would like to give my brother a birthday shout out.  He is turning 22 on Wednesday and he is so very special to me! Happy Birthday, David!

This Christmas was filled with fun and family. I am beyond appreciate of the gifts and help I have received.  I am so unbelievably fortunate and I realize that now more than ever.  I hope you all have a fun, safe time ringing in the new year.  I will be watching Alabama football in the playoffs and starting 2016 with my my oldest dog bestie, Coco.  I am dog sitting and actually looking forward to a quiet NYE.

Best wishes and ROLL TIDE, y'all!

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