Monday, December 7, 2015


Hi everyone! I am exhausted.  I moved into a new house.  Moving is always difficult, especially when the change comes with such heavy emotions.  I'm excited about the future but still feel bits of my apartment with Cassandra life pulling at me so there are a lot of mixed emotions.  Having said that, I have been working like crazy to get the place looking more like a home rather than a mess.  I worked all day.  I didn't weigh again this weekend because I'm scared of the results.  The good news is that I counted today for the first time in awhile and it felt good.  I will weigh at some point but my primary goal this week is to stay on the right path until I have a Christmas dinner with friends at Texas De Brazil on Saturday.

I haven't had time to cook but I wanted to show you my "dinner" tonight.  I burned so many calories today and stayed so busy that I had a boat load of calories left before I climbed in bed tonight.  What did I do? Made my own little cheese tray.  I am obsessed with cheese and crackers so it was a special treat.  I used sesame seed Lavash crackers and smoked gouda and shaved parmesan from Fresh Market.  It was a nice big plate and it was quite the luxury.

I also wanted to share something that isn't friendly for those that eat clean but I found myself loving them.  I tried cinnamon sugar Pringles.  The combination of salty and sweet is great! Plus, they aren't too caloric.  I am such a snacker and since I know that's more than likely never going to change, I make sure to always have snacks on deck.

Hopefully I'll make time to cook soon but after my $300 Wal-Mart trip today, I'm in no mood to do more shopping.

I want to give a HUGE shout out to everyone that has been so supportive during this move.  I want to especially thank my family who have spoiled me beyond anything I could have imagined.  The physical labor, the financial help and just being there made this very difficult move a bit less stressful.

Also, a huge ROLL TIDE as Bama won yet another SEC Championship when they defeated Florida.

Until next week!


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