Monday, July 25, 2016

Grilled Veggies and Love for the Fresh Market

Hey y'all! I trust everyone is having a typical Monday. Other than a couple moments Saturday and Sunday where I ate too much, I showed great restraint and had a renewed spirit. I counted everything and I'm hoping that I remain consistent with this new boost of energy. We shall see. I had a great weekend. I go to see 98 degrees at the Amp with some of my favorite people and actually got a bit of rest. I am still running weekly and this heat is killing me. I can't wait until the fall so it's not so miserable outside.

As I've mentioned, my grill is my new favorite kitchen appliance. I grilled some veggies a couple weeks ago and got the idea to wrap asparagus in turkey bacon. The turkey version doesn't wrap as well as the pork so you need to make it stick by using toothpicks. I didn't have any toothpicks so I improvised and used safety pins. It worked pretty well! Something about the grill takes vegetables to another level and I highly recommend it.

My current obsession is getting meal kits from Fresh Market. They are always a great deal and aren't ever too indulgent (other than the desserts they give you). For 20 bucks, you can feed a family of four. I've gotten several of these and I posted some of the pictures here. The first is a pic of the grill as I grilled veggie and pork kabobs. These kabobs were huge and they came with a salad kit, pita bread and gelato! The second is a beef and vegetable stir fry that came with rice, meat, veggies, simmer sauce and a pound cake. It was really delicious. Ian and I made two separate pans so we could eat the veggies we wanted. It made a ton of food. It also made me decide I need a rice cooker because I can't cook rice without it sticking to the bottom of the pan to save my life. Finally, I posted a pic of the most recent one...spaghetti! They gave you fresh noodles, sauce, ground beef, lettuce and chocolate cake. I added the zucchini noodles to mine for a little bit of green. Ian and I made several meals of this and still have some left we will probably have to toss. If you have a Fresh Market in your area, I seriously suggest that you get down there on Thursdays and take advantage.

That's all I got for today! Until next week...

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  1. You are such a champ for running in this disgusting heat! Props to you!


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