Monday, July 4, 2016

Let Freedom Ring Y'all!

Happy 4th everyone! I love this day because it's a reminder that in this country we have the right to our opinions and the ability to say what we want so the next time someone on social media gets on your nerves, just think of it as them exercising their right as an American. We don't always have to like what people say and think but in SOME ways, I'm sure as heck glad they have the right to do so. I hope y'all are all enjoying the day.

Since it's the 4th, I thought I'd share my first steak on the grill. I have been wanting to grill a steak but I have noticed they are a little budget-breaking. So, I found some sirloin on sale and decided to give it a shot. The issue I came across was that since sirloin is so lean, it's hard to keep it perfect on the grill. The taste was great, it wasn't over cooked and it was juicy but it was a little chewy. However, for my first steak, I was pretty proud of it.

Also, I have found the ranch recipe that I will use forever. For 15 calories a tablespoon and 3 ingredients, I'm obsessed. Obviously ranch is very important to me and so I love that I have a substitute. It's not perfect but it's about as good as I've had. All I do is mix half a cup of light mayo (Pro Tip: NEVER USE OR EAT FAT FREE MAYO. Trust me.) Then I mix 1-3/4 cup buttermilk slowly to the mayo. After that, add a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch mix and boom! A bowl full of ranch. I like a lot of dressing so knowing I can have 4 tablespoons for 60 calories makes me happy. Add some of that and a little low fat feta to your salad...YESSIR!

Have a great day and thanks to everyone past and present who have served this country so selflessly!

School starts this week so back to business tomorrow!


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