Monday, September 5, 2016

A Mediterranean Twist

Happy Labor Day y'all! I have quite a bit of work to do today but I am grateful I can do it at my own pace from the comfort of my own home. I know not everyone gets that luxury so if you are at work today, cheers to you! I had a fun weekend as friends were in town and Alabama DOMINATED in their first football game but I'm hoping to get a tiny bit of detox in today and tomorrow before Ian and I head out to Denver on Wednesday for a vacation. I'm so excited! I was down about half a pound last week but I know there's a lot of calories in my future in Denver. I plan on taking advantage of the mountains and weather and being super active while I'm gone so maybe I won't gain too much vacation weight.

I am in love with feta cheese and Greek olives. I made a Pinterest-inspired recipe a couple weeks ago and gave my grilled chicken a Mediterranean vibe. All I did was sauté some onions, tomatoes, spinach and zucchini flavored with garlic, salt and pepper and laid it on top of a grilled chicken breast. Then I drizzled some balsamic vinaigrette on top and added Greek olives and feta cheese. Y'all this was so healthy and flavorful! It was yet another way to amp up grilled chicken since we all know how boring that can get.

When I made the chicken, I had a ton of left over vegetables so I used those to make a "veggie toast" the next day. All I did was take a toasted Everything Bagel Thin, add a layer of hummus to it, pour the veggies over and top with a few sprinkles of Fontina cheese. I put it under the broiler and it made for a delicious, filling, vegetarian-friendly lunch. I am a big fan of turning leftovers into something different. Have a great week everyone!

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