Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Seafood, Easy Lunch Ideas and More Solicitation

Hey y'all! I wanted to thank everyone who subscribed last week. I saw an influx of followers and I really appreciated it! I have also created new social media accounts. I will share all of them on social media but for Facebook, just type in My Life Without Ranch. Twitter: MyLifeWOutRanch Instagram: mylifewithoutranch. I hate to keep asking you for things but as soon as you can, please hit me up on these sites. I'm hoping to have a completed manuscript by fall of 2017. So, wish me luck! I didn't have any change on the scale this week, which was a blessing, believe me. I have been taking things in stride over the past week and I hope that continues.

This week, I wanted to share my simple lettuce roll ups. I'm so sick of salads. I know it seems like a lettuce roll up is a glorified salad and truthfully, it is but for some reason, having my salad in a different format has helped the monotony. All I do is use iceberg or romaine lettuce leaves (because they are the biggest and have the best rolling potential) and pack whatever I want to stuff in it. I opt for easy things to go in my lunch box. I have been putting deli meat in my container along with reduced fat feta cheese and cucumbers. I always think that adding extra steps, like rolling your own tiny lettuce sandwiches helps you get full faster. I don't think that's exact science but it works for me. Anyway, it's a way to make your salad less boring.

The main dish today is almond-crusted fish. This is a Pinterest inspired recipe. I used cod from Fresh Market because it was on sale but I feel like you could use any white fish. All you do is season the fish with salt, pepper and smoked paprika, then you cover it in dijon mustard. For me, I love the kind of dijon that makes your nose burn and your eyes water but you may want to use a milder mustard. Then, you dunk the fish in crushed up almonds. I used my brand new Ninja food processor which made the whole process extremely easy. Once that's done, just plop them in a warm skillet that has melted coconut oil. They only need a few minutes at medium heat on each side. I placed the fish on top of cauliflower "rice" that I sautéed with squash, garlic and onions. As always, I added fresh green onion to the top. This was delicious! I loved the flavor of the dijon and smoked paprika. It added an extra kick to the flavors I'm used to.

Jordan and I went to Kentuck this weekend and had a fun time! He's the best! Alabama has a big game this weekend, I'm going to see Ron Pope in concert with Cassandra on Friday and I have friends coming into town. Should be a great weekend.

See y'all next week!


  1. Had so much fun with you at Kentuck as always! You're the best! So excited about your new accounts, and of course reading your manuscript!!! You go girl! <3


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