Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Hunt For Bread October

Hey y'all! I have eaten everything in sight for nearly a week so I've been in a shame spiral chamber, scared to come out. I am stepping out boldly today in an attempt to not eat too much (again) but I'm scared. Luckily, I have a million things to do today to distract me. I'm not sure why but I have been craving carbs more than ever and my attitude has been terrible. Because of that, I was up almost 3 pounds on the scale today. I knew it was coming. I could see it in my belly and frankly, I deserved it. I've been playing with fire the past few weekends and I took it over the top and let it leak into Monday and Tuesday. It didn't help that I had a huge dinner last night. The trouble is that I can usually somewhat snap back into reality but it's going to be a challenge this weekend as I am engaging in wedding and Halloween festivities. My goal is to treat myself but keep it mostly in check. Yikes. Holiday season is upon us and the waves of temptation only get worse from here. Hold on tight, y'all. It's going to be a rough road until January.

My post today is primarily to show you how I prepared my zucchini last night. I also wanted to show off the porterhouse steak Ian and I had. Fresh Market has great deals on steak from time to time and sometimes, you can get a big ol porterhouse for pretty cheap and Ian and I share it. I also paired the steak with these Ore-Ida Crinkle Microwave Fries that my mom told me about. They are a nice serving and pretty tasty (though "crispy" may be a stretch). It made for a quick side dish that wasn't fried but the container did melt/stick to the microwave which was weird. Last night was a little backwards as the steak went in the oven and the zucchini went on the grill but the porterhouse tasted great in the cast iron.

All I did to prepare the zucchini was cut it into slices lengthwise (I like to call them planks), marinate them in balsamic vinegar about 20 minutes (while the steak was defrosting/being prepared) and then plopped them on the grill. They went a few minutes on each side. When I got them off the grill, I drizzled a bit more balsamic on top and added some reduced fat feta. I have to admit, I've had zucchini a lot of ways but I think this was my favorite. It was easy and flavorful. I am one to believe that that char from the grill makes everything taste better. That's all I have for this week. I am sure I will have spooky dieting and halloween stories next week.

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