Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Vacation Lessons

Hey y'all! I got back from vacation yesterday and to be quite honest, it was pretty exhausting. I went with a group of friends to the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores and though I have been before and knew what I was getting into, I know for sure now that I'm too old for music festivals...especially ones in the sand. The only chance I see of me attending another festival is if I suddenly become rich and can afford VIP tickets. I most definitely feel the need to detox. I want to take time this summer to teach myself to once again find a balance that creates an environment for a healthy lifestyle, but also allows fun. I worked out today and I'm in the process of hydrating and getting back to normal but I learned a few things over the course of the last week.

First, always prepare for the rain. I mean this both literally and metaphorically. Travel is one of the
most precious hobbies I have as is spending time with my friends. However, when you travel with other people, you have to consider everyone's differences. There were six of us in a two bedroom condo and in that intimate of a setting, I don't always thrive. I'm a control freak and the entire week I felt completely out of control. There were moments I handled that well and others...not so much. I'm a human being which means I'm full of faults. So, traveling with other people is both a balance of keeping your own annoying habits in check and letting the small things go. In terms of the literal rain, if you are in the south in the summer, chances are, you're going to get wet. Having said that, I wasn't prepared for the heavy rain shower during the day on Saturday and the monsoon I had to walk in that night. It was, let's just say, an experience.

Second, take care of yourself! If you are going to go to a music festival in the summer, the most important rule of all is to HYDRATE. Seriously, drink as much water as you can because it's is effin hot and if you are partaking in festivities, it is even more important to hydrate. Other than hydrating, make sure to reapply a gallon of sunscreen every 15 minutes to avoid sun poisoning. I reapplied with 30 or even 50 spf all weekend and STILL woke up one day with a swollen face. My lip was twice it's normal size. Luckily, I had a spare Benadryl in my purse.

Third, it's your vacation so don't beat yourself up for eating. I plowed through a world of junk food over the past few days. It's OK. I will adjust to my normal eating habits. I have to learn it's allowed to indulge a bit. Having said that, after several days of eating garbage, my body actually craved nutrients so the last night I had some grilled fish. It made me feel like a vacation hero.

Fourth, don't sweat the way you look in a bathing suit. Keep in mind, I'm mostly talking to myself here. It's never a great feeling when you find the way you look disgusting. I have felt this way around 80% of my adult life. However, when I'm at the beach, with friends that I'm completely comfortable around, I let it all hang out. Let's get away from the "good vs. bad" dynamic. As long as we strive to be healthy, it's OK to be who we even though I'm not at my ideal weight (I don't even know what that is anymore), I bought bathing suits that worked for me and felt confident enough to wear them in front of my friends....and I even took a selfie though I did make a decision to do it from the head up. I mean, who am I kidding, I may be confident enough to get in a bathing suit in front of my friends but NO PICTURES PLEASE.

Fifth, take care of each other. Vacations are supposed to be fun and carefree but sometimes they aren't. If all of you are at the beach together, you are group. No person left behind and all that. If you can successfully travel with someone and not want to pull their hair out at the end, then you've found a friend for life.

Hope you all get a chance to travel and/or relax this summer! You've all earned it.

Until next week!


  1. There is such a thing as too much sand and too much togetherness! Glad you made it back in one piece.


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