Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Easy Peasy

Hey y'all! We are half way through July and I am a little over a month away from the fall semester. I've been working on lesson plans and syllabi and to be honest, I'm ready to start back. I thrive from deadlines and structure and the summer is just a rogue, purge-like place where there are no rules. It makes it difficult to get anything done. In terms of weight, I gained 1.4 pounds after the awesome 3 pound week I had before. I fully expected this gain after the weekend of the fourth and my Dad's birthday. Actually, I'm glad it wasn't more. This week, I'm kind of meh about counting points. I am over it. That's never a good thing. Having said that, I've been reluctantly on top of my game. That means my weaknesses could shine through at any moment. I'm working on finding a renewed motivation to give me some umph until school starts.

The best way for me to stay within the parameters of my point allowance, is to find quick and easy grocery store items that I can rely on. I actually heard about Van's egg rolls in a Weight Watchers meeting and I'm so glad I found them. They are only 120 calories (3 points) and taste delicious after being baked in the oven. I eat them with anything but they were especially nice as a side to pork chops and then with my cauliflower "fried" rice. By the way, I impressed even myself with the cauliflower rice I made this week...putting the egg on top made me feel fancy. I give these egg rolls a thumbs up for sure.

So, I love barbecue sauce, but because of the sugar, Weight Watchers makes it difficult to eat it. What I have discovered is that I can have 3 tablespoons of Dreamland BBQ sauce for 1 point. It is a bit less than others because it's not as sweet. In fact, it has kind of a kick to it. I love Dreamland sauce so I've been using it a lot, even as a salad dressing. My most successful Dreamland fix was a quick lunch where I made a barbecue chicken sandwich. All I did was heat up a couple ounces of Tyson's frozen pulled chicken, added the sauce, lettuce and fat free feta. It was a fast and delicious sandwich. Dreamland sauce is adding flavor to my life for the time being. Do y'all have any fast, yummy ideas to stay on track during the week? Let me know! Until next week, y'all!

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