Friday, February 18, 2011

No More Recipe Rut!

It feels great outside again today so I’m excited to experience some outdoors this weekend! I have a friend from graduate school coming into town tonight. I’m so excited to see her! We are going to have dinner and then I guess I will show her around town. Rosemary and I made fast friends at school and I haven’t seen her in a year I guess so it should be fun! Saturday morning, me, my mom, and some others are going to be participating in the Tuscaloosa Heart Walk for the American Heart Association. I couldn’t donate much in terms of money but I’m happy to walk in support of people with heart disease and also for research. I’ve known people with personal experiences and know how important the American Heart Association is for the cause. Plus, it’s a good opportunity to get some exercise! I will also get to see Jordan this weekend so that’s exciting and I still plan on going to the driving range this Sunday to try my hand at golf. There should be a lot for me to report next week!

I weighed this morning and I was down 1.2 bringing my total to 86.8! I’m moving right along which is great! I was hoping to lose about 4 ounces more so I could go down a point but that’s OK…that means I really only need to lose 4 ounces this week…surely I can manage that. *Fingers crossed. Honestly, I’m very satisfied with the way things are going. I’ve got momentum and as long as I keep working hard and losing, that’s all that I really care about. I am SO CLOSE to a weight that I’ve been dreaming about for YEARS…I can’t remember the last time I weighed under this amount and so even though I sound like I’m complaining sometimes, I’m not, I’m just itching because that weight is right at my fingertips.

So, I was afraid that I was going to have to come up with something besides doing a recipe every week. I have sort of exhausted the recipes that I like from the Weight Watchers cookbooks I have from the old points system. I like doing the recipe but I can’t just make any recipe, I have to have the points available and it takes a lot of work and math to figure out the points for recipes even if they are low fat…basically…I’m lazy and it’s just easier to have the points in front of me. I did a little research and found this amazing website. For some reason, it never works when I try to insert a link but so I included a picture for

This woman named Gina is a genius! She has probably hundreds of amazing recipes for any occasion and she not only includes the nutrition facts, but she also includes the points for both the old and new Weight Watchers programs! I definitely recommend looking to her site for recipes. She puts my pictures and info about recipes to shame! Her blog is something to strive for in the future. You will definitely be seeing some of her recipes soon…I’ve got one from a Weight Watchers cookbook for next week but after that, I think I will make some of hers. I guess my weekly recipes will continue for the time being since I found such a wonderful resource!

I took a break from Oscar movies this week (even though I’ve seen all the major ones, there are still a few here and there I could watch) and caught up on some TV and watched the movie Red. I think Helen Mirren is a goddess and I adore Mary Louise Parker so I watched it. It has Bruce Willis in it and aside from all of the relentless gun fighting and the occasional cheesy moment, it was a pretty cute movie.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


“Don’t jump the train, just because it’s not moving,
doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong track.” Try-Natasha Bedingfield


  1. looking good! proud of you (as always)

  2. Yay for the Heart Walk, yay for seeing me and yay for your new blog discovery!!!

    Yay for the Oscars this weekend and yay for the Natasha B lyrics! This was just an all around yay-worthy blog post!


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