Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm A Loser!

Hi Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your Monday so far.  I got on the scale this weekend and was in for a pleasant surprise.  I lost several pounds last week.  In fact, I’m only between 6-7 of my lowest weight!  I think I mentioned last week that I wanted to try something different.  Weight Watchers is amazing but I think my body was craving a change.  I do think that Weight Watchers is one of the most effective diet programs out there because it encourages you to eat and not give up a particular food group.  Diets that make you completely forgo a major food category usually don’t last.  Your body needs carbs for energy and you never want to give up anything you love completely because you will most certainly binge on it later.  After doing some research, I decided to blend together my knowledge from Weight Watchers with the ideals of the Biggest Loser.  I’m sure you’ve at least heard of this show.  I don’t agree with the methods they use on the show because I think they lose weight too fast but the diet plan that they provide to the masses makes a lot of sense.  Back during the holidays, I was trying to go by the food pyramid which was good in theory but I was still eating too much.  The Biggest Loser plan encourages you to follow the food pyramid but also limits your calorie intake.  Essentially, eat more veggies!  Basically, you take your current weight and multiply that by 7.  That is your caloric goal for the day.  If you combine that limitation with the thought that you need to make sure to get the protein, carbs and nutrients for the day, you will more than likely be successful! I knew my body needed the change because that switch up made a big difference last week.  I know I can’t expect that kind of success every week but it was nice to have a great week for a change.  I’m definitely going to stick with it for a while!

This week’s recipe is more of a quick snack.  I use low calorie bread to make mini pizzas.  Tomato sauce isn’t usually too high in calories but go easy on it because it can be high in sugar.  This is the first time I have tried Giada’s brand of sauce and I got the kind with olives.  It was delicious! I added a serving of mini-pepperonis (you can use pork or turkey to cut even more calories) and a serving of 2% mozzarella cheese (it was a heaping serving because it was the weekend).  This was a quick and yummy alternative to eating four piece of Domino’s Pizza like I really wanted to.

This weekend was also A-Day! It’s so nice to be able to experience a little tailgating in the middle of the spring.  The taste of football was in the air.  The weather was perfect and it was fun to put on a Bama shirt and see all my friends.  The game itself isn’t usually that exciting but overall, it was a good time!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

I have a 5K to run this Saturday so I’m sure I’ll have pictures to share next week.

Wish me luck!


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