Monday, June 15, 2015

Burger Life

Hi everyone.  It's Monday again.  I'm in Chattanooga this week house sitting for my aunt.  I'm thinking about going for a hike since there are mountains around.  I'm not particularly outdoorsy but I love looking at mountains and I need to exercise so I may branch out.  Also, I'm going to Denver in July and hiking there sounds like a lot of fun.  In terms of calorie counting, I was highly successful Monday-Thursday of last week.  Friday and Saturday night were both sketchy because I had Mexican food.  In turn I had a bit of a downward spiral Saturday night, feeling depressed.  Once again, I'm punishing myself and my goal was to stop doing that.  I'm counting again today but you know, the truth is, I have nothing "figured out."  I've been spending a lot of time writing about this, I'm hoping it goes somewhere.  In the process, I've looked back at my blogs and I can see the momentum I had and I can also see how it's been slipping away slowly over time.  It's not something I am confident will come back.  I'm certainly not ready to give up but I am tired.  The process continues.  I may in a couple weeks but again, I'm am NOT looking forward to it so I may keep avoiding that tiny devil machine.

I know the intro to this post wasn't exactly cheerful but I am excited about trying new exercises and recipes and that's the truth.  This week, I made chicken avocado burgers.  I'm proud of these because they were tasty and healthy and burgers are always fun to eat.  Essentially, you just take ground chicken and mix it with chunks of avocado, bread crumbs and whatever spices you want.  Grill them up a few minutes on each side and boom, you're done.  I had them all week with cheese and wheat buns.  I added lettuce and onion and I promise I didn't miss beef from this burger at all.  Plus, they are super easy to make.

I wanted to share a new snack.  The last chicken burger I made, I put on my everything bagel thins and it was a nice touch.  On the side, I served chips and salsa.  This snack came from Manna Grocery in town which has a lot of organic, gluten free items.  It's a bit pricy but a fun place to find unique types of food.  These tortilla chips are made out of corn and black beans and I got some black bean salsa to go with it.  The chips tasted great! They had nice flavor and they were crispy and the salsa went well with it.

Happy Birthday to my friend, David!

I hope you all have a great week.

Until next week...


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