Monday, March 14, 2016

A Burger House

Hey y'all! It's SPRING BREAK! Sadly, I have a full day of work ahead of me today and tomorrow but after that, I'm not doing anything but having fun! Ian and I are going to Nashville for a fun quick trip on Wednesday and then it will be time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day which is one of my favorite reasons to party! I'm excited to have a much needed break.  I had a couple good days last week where I felt like my old self.  Then, I got super sick with bronchitis and pink eye and for some reason when I'm sick, I throw the healthy living out the window.  It took quite a toll on me but I'm feeling much better now. My plan to wait to weigh until the end of the month is still a go.  I am doing some food planning for the week because even though I know I'll go off course a bit, I won't go completely crazy.

I wanted to share new, thinner Wheat Thins. I love crackers so these were a nice surprise to see.  You can have double the amount for the same amount of calories and they are super tasty. I love dipping them in hummus.  There are also new, thinner Oreos which are also pretty tasty.

In my house, we eat a lot of burgers so I apologize if I share too many. Ian loves burgers too and they make a perfect canvas of flavor so we experiment some.  In the first images, I made a spicy Asian chicken burger.  I've tried similar flavors but I made my own spicy mayo for this one.  I used garlic chili paste and light mayo.  I made the chicken burger pretty simply with some spices in the meat (and an egg to make it more moist) but slapped peanut sauce and my spicy mayo on my Everything Bagel Thin and it was messy and decadent and delicious! The other images are of lean beef burgers that I clearly started eating before I could get a picture but we mixed the beef with parmesan cheese and garlic powder then marinated it in Dale's.  Ian has a sick obsession with Dale's so I drenched it.  Think of your favorite kind of food and then think of ways you can make a burger out of it.  It's a great vessel for flavor. Have a great week y'all!


  1. Happy Spring Break!! I hope y'all have a really fun trip and a fun St. Patty's Day! As always, all of your food looks so yummy. I need my appetite back!! Hope you're feeling great! <3


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