Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Snacks on Deck

Happy Wednesday, y'all! I have had an eventful week and so have my mom and brother! They both went skydiving on Saturday! They both said it was amazing. I'm still not sure I'd do it but after hearing about their experience, I'm not 100% ruling it out. The same morning they went, I went to a Weight Watchers meeting for the first time in years. I'm trying to find the roots of my original motivation and using the Weight Watchers system was my method for losing 115 pounds. The meetings are corny but have accountability, which I like, and also, they exchange lots of great tips. I kind of picked a terrible time to reignite my relationship with Weight Watchers because I started on a Saturday and went out of town for a night last night. Having said that, I feel no urgency to lose weight, only to get back the balance I used to have. For example, I went to Memphis last night to see friends that moved there and I enjoyed barbecue and indulged a bit (though not too much). Now the real test is making sure I don't blow the rest of the week just because I enjoyed a very tiny vacation. We will see how it goes. I have my first weigh in on Saturday to see what the numbers say but I'm trying to zen about all of it.

Because I've started eating better, I've been eating food like the salad above. Weight Watchers kind of forces you to eat more fruits and vegetables because they don't count as any points. So, I whipped one up with lots of veggies, Light Olive Garden Dressing, fat free feta crumbles and Greek olives. What isn't pictured are the pork chops I ate with it. I really just shared this because I think salads are so photogenic don't you?

I'm an avid snacker. I especially tend to snack during the summer when I spend more time at home. It's important to me to have good snacks readily available. Since salsa can be consumed frivolously, I eat a lot of it. I decided to make my own tortilla chips. I pre-heated the oven to 350 degrees and took 3 extra thin corn tortilla chips (120 calories for 3) and cut them into triangles. I sprayed a pan that I put aluminum foil and parchment paper on with non-stick spray and added the triangle. I baked them for about 5 minutes and then took them out of the oven, sprayed them with a bit more non-stick spray and added sea salt. I then put them under the broiler for a couple minutes. The darker brown they are, the crispier they will be. I've made my own flour tortilla chips before and they were a bit more crisp but I still prefer the corn.  It was a delicious and filling snack and it wasn't too time consuming.

I'll update you next week on the progress!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Until next time!


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