Friday, August 20, 2010

Elbows and their Evil Ways

I’m happy that it is Friday but I keep trying to remind myself how amazed I get when I realize how quickly time goes by and how it can sometimes be depressing that one minute it’s Christmas and the next it’s August and I haven’t done nearly the amount of things that I wanted even though it seems like I’m living for Friday, that sort of defeats the purpose in getting upset when so much has time has gone by and I haven’t written a novel or even read an entire book for that matter. Sorry, that might be a little much thinking for a Friday but I was just thinking this morning how much I anticipate the weekend. I’m not sure that I will do anything to change that...just a thought. Happy Friday all the same.

So, I don’t have much other than a few random thoughts I would like to share so try to hang in there with me. I would like you to take a look at the picture below.

This, my friends, is a rather unflattering picture of my elbow boob. My mother calls them cabbage patch elbows (for the record, she’s never referred to mine that way) and I’ve heard that the slang for the loose skin of the elbow is called the weenus. I, however, call this clump of awfulness above my elbow an elbow boob because, that sort of just makes sense to me. I also have knee boobs, but you don’t need to see that. Now, I have lost a good deal of weight over the past year and, of course, I have made lots of progress in certain areas of my body. There seems to be a few areas though (lower belly, under arms) that are sort of stubborn. I do a very loose interpretation of arm exercises every morning where I lift weights but that doesn’t seem to help. This elbow boob is taking residence and I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do to get rid of them (they are on both sides naturally). I am kind of in a place where I can’t afford training and/or a gym right now. Any suggestions on workouts that I can do at home that will get these things down to a normal size? I’d greatly appreciate it.

I’m not sure how to transition from that but I will try anyway. I actually don’t have much on my agenda for this weekend other than random, routine things. I have to get my car serviced and shop and I MUST find some tennis shoes this all of that is my goal. Other than those few things, I think this will be my first weekend in awhile to sort of relax and I’m pretty happy about that.

I wanted to also reiterate that you should all be watching “The Big C.” It premiered this week and it’s great. I laughed and cried...and I love Laura Linney. I also watched The Road...

If you haven’t already seen this horrific movie, I recommend NEVER watching it. It’s a movie based off of a book about a post-apocalypse world. There are cannibals and fires and earthquakes. The movie follows a father and son just trying to survive. Good gravy it’s depressing. It was also sort of ironic because as I was sitting there watching in my apartment and also at times watching from my elliptical, I thought, why is this so shocking? There are MILLIONS of people starving across the world. It is just that Americans are so used to luxuries that we forget how blessed we really are and how we would have an extra hard time surviving in those types of situations. Anyway, the movie did make me think but it was pretty gut wrenching.

I’d like to wish my Aunt Brenda well. She had knee replacement surgery last week and was having an awful time. She is doing slightly better now but I wish her well and a speedy recovery. Love you Brenda!

I think that sums up everything I wanted to say.

Well, y’all have a good weekend.

Be safe!

“There's a place in the sun that she's never been
Where life is fair and time is a friend
Would she do it the same as she did back then
She looks out the window and wonders again

Is there life out there
So much she hasn't done
Is there life beyond
Her family and her home
She's done what she should
Should she do what she dares
She doesn't want to leave
She's just wonderin’
Is there life out there.” Is There Life Out There-Reba McEntire

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  1. A) That's so weird that you mentioned the time thing and living for the weekend in your blog today. I was thinking the same thing lately and even tweeted about it this morning! Wasted time really is an evil thing...I really want to learn to be more productive and use mine more wisely.
    B) Good luck finding some tennis shoes this weekend! haha
    C) The Big C made me laugh and cry too. I want everyone to watch it!
    D) If you read this, hope you get much better soon Aunt Brenda!
    E) GREAT song choice today!!! Love it so much. (Follow your dreams!)


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