Friday, April 22, 2011

And a Good Friday to Y'all!

Hey Everyone-I am in a hostile mood today but I am going to do my absolute BEST to ramble my way out of it. I didn’t lose weight again this week. I am still hovering around 99 pounds. I have to say that I was EXTREMELY bummed out about that this morning. I have really worked hard since Monday to get rid of that extra pound but I am still the same. I know of two incidents this weekend that included poor judgment on my part…I didn’t think they would be significant enough to keep me from losing but I guess they were. I need to tighten everything up on the weekends again. Emotionally, I’m having a difficult time not wanting to stretch the limit. I don’t know what the source of this lack of motivation is but I really wish it would go away. I need to get to that 100 before May 5th because that day will sort of begin the 2 months of extra-curricular, weight-gaining activities…it’d be nice to know I’m down 100 before I go through that time. I think it will motivate me to try to be careful and only cheat on the allotted days and continue to exercise. My goal between May 5th through July 5th is to maintain and/or gain no more than 5 pounds and I can do that if I am strict on the in between days…anyway. I’m feeling a bit better about the weight now because I have other things (gas prices, people in general, keys suddenly not working) going on that are making me angry. It’s been one of those days where everything compounds…starting right this second though…things are going to get better!

I wanted to first give a shout out to the book series by Suzanne Collins that I’m reading right now called The Hunger Games. I am currently reading the second book, Catching Fire and these books are AWESOME! My brother actually told me about them and he’s not someone who would usually read for pleasure but he read them at school and was so excited about them…I figured they must be great. My mom read them and so has my friend David…so I borrowed the first one and I have been going ever since. The books are based around a post-America where the country is divided into 12 districts. At one point, the districts had tried to overthrow the capital but they lost and as a punishment, each district is forced to participate in the Hunger Games every year. Each district has to send one boy and one girl into the games and they all battle each other to the death. The books are so detailed and fast paced…I love them. Even if you aren’t typically a reader, I definitely think you could get into these books!

Tonight, I am going to see Sara Bareilles with friends and I could not be MORE EXCITED!!! She is definitely one of my favorites…I have all of her music and know every word. She is an amazing artist and her music makes me happy, contemplative and pumped all at the right times! It should be a fun time and I am very much looking forward to it.

Saturday night, after I dye eggs, Jordan and I are going to see Avenue Q which is basically an adult version of Sesame Street. It’s a traveling show and it’s supposed to be hilarious so I’m also glad to be going with Jordan to see that!

Sunday is Easter and I see Reese eggs, egg salad, ham and other goodies in my future! I have always enjoyed the traditions of Easter including the church ones that involve Passover and the story of resurrection as well as the commercialized fun ones that entail egg hunts and candy! It should be a great weekend!

Be safe everyone, I will probably have picture to share next week!


“You're begging for the truth
So I'm saying it to you
I've been saving your place
And what good does it do?
Now I'm just a basket case.” Basket Case-Sara Bareilles

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