Friday, September 23, 2011

Ready For This Jelly?

Well y’all, to say I had no shame this morning during my morning weigh in would be an understatement. I finally lost weight. I am down 1.2 from my previous lowest weight bringing my total weight loss to 108.6! Did I wait until I worked out and sweaty to weigh? Yes. Did I try to potty at least 6 times before I weighed? Yes. Did I get stark nekkid and consider chopping off my hair before getting on the scale? Yes. But you know what, I don’t care. I needed to see a loss and it didn’t matter how I got there at this point. It is incredibly difficult for me to lose weight right now, especially if I’m not perfect 100% of the time, so I’m happy with the results. If I can lose 1.4 more to 110 down, I will post a new picture. That’s my most immediate goal. I still need to get a little more aggressive if I have a chance of meeting my January 15th goal which requires me to lose 13.6 pounds from now until then. To someone who is first starting, losing 13.6 pounds in 13-14 weeks shouldn’t be that bad but when you’ve been dieting as long as I have, it’s a struggle. I won’t beat myself up and quit trying if I don’t meet the goal…especially if I’m not gaining…but that’s the goal I’d really like to reach.

This week’s recipe is Sesame Encrusted Baked Chicken Tenders. I absolutely love fried chicken, in all forms. I especially love to get a plate from places like Guthrie’s and Zaxby’s and go to town on golden fried tenders. Since eating those would probably be the equivalent of having a dozen donuts, I typically try and stay away. So, when I saw this recipe, I thought I would give it a try. I get a bit disgruntled when healthy cooks try to act like a baked sweet potato stick is as fulfilling as a McDonald’s French fry so I rarely try and compare foods, I just see them as their own separate entity. These guys were tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. They are dipped first in a sesame oil (I used olive oil) and soy sauce mixture and then coated in a mix of panko bread crumbs and sesame seeds. All you do after that is bake them and then enjoy. Even though coating and dipping things isn’t my favorite thing, these weren’t too hard to make. They didn’t take long and they were tasty. The soy sauce gave it a nice, Asian kick.

The before and after this week is a bit silly. I have always been frightened and disgusted by the first picture. Only the enormity of my former derriere could distract the human eye from the perfect beauty of the pacific ocean. I’m pretty sure my dad took this picture of me in La Jolla, California on a family vacation. I guess I’m glad I have it because it’s a perfect example of a before and after. I didn’t have a current picture of myself from the back but I, like most people, try to avoid having pictures taken of my butt. Since I didn’t have a comparison, I had someone at work (pretty much the only person at work who wouldn’t think it was weird to ask if they could take a picture of my butt) take a current of picture of the junk I got going on in my trunk. Despite my weight loss, I’m not entirely fond of my butt, hips and thighs…but…they are certainly better now than they were. Good gracious…if that doesn’t keep me on track, I don’t know what will.

Alabama had another easy win last week, beating North Texas. This week, even though playing the last three schools was lovely, the real season actually starts. Bama is taking on the Arkansas Razorback’s and even though we are good and favored, this will be our first real test of the season. SEC games are always intense and difficult so I’m looking forward to seeing Bama taking down the Hogs! Oh, and Auburn lost, so, YAY!

Wish me luck as I will no doubt be faced with food and drink galore this weekend. Good luck with any weight loss ventures you have going as well! You can do it!

Have a great weekend!

Roll Tide!


“Own me, you own
you rattle my bones
you turn me over and over
'till I can't control myself
make me a liar
one big disaster
you make my heart beat faster

cause I jump back, crash, I crawl
I beg and steal, I follow you
yeah you own me
and you make my heart beat faster.” Faster-Matt Nathanson

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