Friday, September 2, 2011

Who's a runner? Yes, that's me!

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a swell Friday and that your week was wonderful. Mine was quite good. I weighed this morning and I was down two from last week which is great considering how bad I was Friday night. Also, I’m only a few ounces away from my lowest weight. I’m hoping to get rid of that next weigh in and be down even a little more. I have been working out like crazy, even changing it up a bit so I know that’s helping.

So, my Dad and I had every intention of going on the Brews Cruise which was a beer cruise on the Bama Belle. We got on the cruise and realized it wasn’t really our scene so we left the boat before it set sail and went to a place called the Alcove. We had fun and dad planked so of course, I had to take a picture of it.

The recipe this week is not really a recipe but a kick I’ve been on lately. I am so sick of light dressings that I could die so I decided to take my new found love for spicy mustard, mix it with a bit of reduced fat mayo and make my own dressing. It’s really yummy and I added some chicken with some leafy lettuce and it makes a flavorful salad! I’ve been using that like crazy!

Last Saturday morning I ran in my very first 5K ever! My friend Nish had registered for the race but wasn’t able to go so she graciously allowed me to use her registration. It’s extremely difficult by the way to take a picture of yourself with a number on your stomach with an iPhone. Anyway, I jogged the whole time and I got in right under 43 minutes which is pretty slow considering some of the times but I was happy I finished and it inspired me to do more. I’m signed up for another one next Friday night. I guess that means I’m really a runner now. I run 4 times a week. I am still not the type of person that enjoys the process but I am proud of myself every time I complete the time or distance I set out to accomplish.

Guess what y’all? It’s time for football to yet again to be the main topic! I know you are excited! The Crimson Tide kick off this weekend for their season opener against Kent St. and I am SO ready to get back to football! Roll Tide!

Again, my new picture is totally unfair to my before picture but I couldn’t find another. I need the inspiration though…they had hot dogs at work today and being around stadium food isn’t easy either. Wish me luck. Have a wonderful 3 day weekend! I’m excited! Yay!

“All I want is my dream life, to be my real life,
How could that be wrong?” Dream Life, Life-Colbie Caillat

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