Friday, December 9, 2011

Dr. Pepper is strong enough for a man...

Well, due to my extreme dedication the past couple of weeks, I managed to lose all but two of the 5 pounds I have gained over football/thanksgiving season! This means I am only 2 pounds away from my lowest weight! I think that’s pretty good considering all of the stuff I have eaten the past few months. I have cheated today because we had our departmental Christmas party. In fact, I don’t plan on weighing much the rest of the month. That doesn’t mean that I will be cheating every day, but I will be eating a bit more and it may be wise not to be obsessed with the scale at this time. I will be working hard to maintain during the non-festive moments. I was very pleased that I proved that I can still be very strict when I need to be.

Since football season will be over in just a few short weeks, I wanted to give a recipe that was modeled after one of my favorite tailgating snacks. Barbecue nachos are a delicious invention that include tortilla chips, loads of smoky, delicious barbecue and slathered with yummy nacho cheese. There are many variations…I decided to make a healthy one. The key is portion size. The barbecue nachos you get at the games are enormous. I used one serving of each of the foods I used to make this yummy snack. It doesn’t look pretty, but it tasted good. I took baked Tositos, a serving of pre-made barbecue you get in the produce section of the grocery store and the Tostitos brand white cheese and put it all together. It was actually a great substitute and one that you can have any time of the year.

I wanted to share a new product with you today. I am loving the new ten calorie Dr. Pepper. Their initial advertising campaign is a bit obnoxious as they have stated time and time again the drink is, “not for women.” I’m not sure why they went with that but I have been drinking it and I haven’t sprung any chest hairs that I’m aware of. Anyway, aside from that, I think it’s delicious. I loved Dr. Pepper in high school but I prefer Diet Coke to Diet Dr. Pepper. However, those ten calories make a world of difference. I think it tastes GREAT. My roommate, who is not a fan of any diet drink still says that she can taste the difference but I’m very used to the Diet flavor and I don’t notice it. Anyway, it’s something different to try.

I don’t have time to talk about much else. I got an awesome Christmas during present dirty santa today that I will share with you next week. Also, I will talk more about the new site I’m writing for, It’s a Bama sports site. They have been having problems with the site the past couple of days but I will hopefully have more on that later. Jordan and I are celebrating our Christmas together tonight by kicking off Oscar season. I will have details on that later as well….I guess this is one TO BE CONTINUED.

Y’all have a good weekend!


“Let's get out of this town tonight
Nothing but dust in the shadows
Gone by morning light
Somewhere we won't ever get caught, ever be found…” Get Out Of This Town-Carrie Underwood

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