Monday, November 26, 2012


I’ll keep it short tonight.  I’ve been eating a lot of veggies and I’m compiling some different ideas for veggie recipes but tonight I wanted to quickly show you pictures of food that isn’t so good from you and pictures from my weekend.  The first is 2 pictures of the cheeseball my mom and I made.  I had an idea to make the cheeseball look like a turkey and my mom made it happen.  I thought it turned out really cute.  I also took a picture of the Deviled Eggs that I always make and they were delicious.  The other two pictures are of the table with all the yummy food and the delicious pies my mom made.  I ate too much but it was worth every calorie!  I also included a picture of myself and Brittany Howard, the lead singer of the Alabama Shakes.  I was privy to a secret concert they were doing and lucky enough to meet her through a friend.  It was an awesome time!  Dad and I also went to the Iron Bowl and that’s the last picture.  We DEMOLISHED Auburn!  Georgia is next!

That’s all I have for tonight!

Roll Tide!

Have a great week and try and remember to send good vibes Friday and Sunday because we will be flying.


“If elephants could fly I’d be a little more optimistic
But I don’t see that happening anytime soon
I don’t mean to sound so pessimistic
But I don’t think that cow really jumped over the moon.” When-Shania Twain


  1. !!!!! That doesn't even begin to show my excitement!!!!!

    Love the title. :) Love the quote. I hope she'll sing that just for you...but if she doesn't, we'll jam out to it on our own fo sho.

    Obviously I would be insanely excited about seeing Shania no matter what, but the fact that you're going too is just making it on another level!!!

    Y'all's Thanksgiving feast looks amazing. I have NEVER seen a cuter cheeseball in the history of the world. I mean adorable!

    I'm so happy you got to meet the Alabama Shakes folks...that's fun!

    And of course ROLL TIDE!!! The Iron Bowl was awesome. Now let's get another SEC title. :)

    Only three more days until we flyyyyyy!

  2. I'm pretty excited. I have to say I'm having the most fun geeking out over the itinerary. Homegirl loves a plan.


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