Monday, April 27, 2015

Burned Bacon Edition

Hey everyone! I'd like to first wish my parents an early Happy Anniversary! On Friday they will have been married 33 years.  Kudos to them because that is a long time to live with anyone!

I also wanted to wish Jordan a happy early birthday! He turns 30 on Sunday and I'm so excited to celebrate with him all weekend! You are an amazing person and even better friend! I hope your weekend is perfect! 30 isn't so bad!

When I weighed this past weekend I was down .2 which essentially means I saw no change in my weight.  I found this unsurprising because I wasn't perfect the week before.  I was perfect all week until yesterday and things got a little slippery.  It wasn't too bad though.  I'm going to work hard to maintain the next few weeks but I don't see a whole lot of potential for losing weight.  I've got a concert on Thursday, Jordan's birthday weekend, Cinco de Mayo, a trip to Atlanta on Mother's Day weekend and my own birthday.  I just need to do my best not to go crazy and make sure that I mind my p's and q's when I can and keep exercising! May is always a tough month but I'd rather have to work off a few pounds than not have the fun times.

I have a tendency to burn turkey bacon.  I'm not sure why this is but I've convinced myself that I like it burned so when it happens it's no big deal.  I'm providing two recipes that my burned turkey bacon made complete.  Of course, if you decide not to burn your bacon, they'll still be good.  The first is a nice little appetizer.  All I did was take the bacon and make little guacamole sandwiches.  This would be a perfect, healthy treat for a cocktail party.  The combination of guacamole and bacon tastes great and I'm not sure there's an easier recipe.

The next recipe has to be one of my favorite things I have ever made.  It's slow carb friendly, easy and takes a typical recipe up a notch.  I made sriracha deviled eggs.  I cheated and bought eggs that were already hard boiled so that made the recipe even quicker but it's not hard to boil eggs.  I cut the eggs in half, gutted the yolk and combined it with low fat mayo, sriracha sauce, garlic powder and salt.  I stuffed the eggs with the mixture and crumbled up the bacon on top.  It gave the deviled eggs a kick and I loved it! I will most definitely make it again.

If you're like me, sometimes you're up after hours and hunger strikes.  If you have no food at home there are very few options out there that won't make you feel guilty in the morning.  Taco Bell is a place that I only crave after I leave the bars.  The problem is if you get what you want at Taco Bell, you might rack up over 1,000 calories before you're satisfied.  Taco Bell has taken strides to offer healthier options.  If you're on the slow carb diet you pretty much have to eat a taco salad (no rice or dairy) without eating the shell or order black or refried beans (again without any cheese).  If you allow yourself carbs, they also offer the fresco menu.  Having two tacos from that will make you feel way better about yourself in the morning than the quesadilla and potato combination I like to get.  Wendy's is also open late and has salad options.  If you are on a low or slow carb diet, the absolute best option at Wendy's is their chili.  It tastes pretty good, fits the diet and it's super filling.  Unfortunately, the one by my house is often out of chili late at night but hopefully your Wendy's is better.  Honestly, I get chili at a lot of lunch spots too.  It's a bit caloric but like I said it's a filling way to get protein and flavor.  I recommend the chili at both Jason's Deli, McAlister's and Newk's.  Finally, Hardees is open late at night and they have low carb burgers and sandwiches! This is great because you can eat a fast food burger and even though you may miss the bread, you get to enjoy the other elements.  The best option is to have food at home that you can prepare quickly so you spend less money and calories but trust me I get it, sometimes you have to have 4th meal.

Pictures and more recipes to come next week! Have a good one!


  1. Thank you for the birthday shout-out and for everything you've done already to help me ease into my thirties! You seriously are the best!

    Also, people need to know we invented fourth meal...not Taco Bell.

  2. Of course! I can't wait to celebrate! Also, I know we invented fourth meal when we started "sharing our five" from Arby's.


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